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Sunday, April 12, 2009 - Site Plans

25 years ago.

Thursday, April 12, 1984 at 10:55a.

After giving my mother countless hours of hell, I finally made my entrance into the world.

This year’s birthday marks the end of my first quarter-century alive.  That may or may not be a good thing, depending on who you are.  For me, it’s a combination.  For example, today is the day that my insurance company decides that I’m paying too much for my insurance and gives me a great discount just because I’m not 24 anymore!  However, today is also telling me that I’m getting older but no closer to fulfilling my dreams.  It’s a shame that my most important dreams are so dependent on having another person in my life.

Today is also Easter Sunday.  I’m not one to enjoy huge crowds and massive parties celebrating me or my life, so I’m glad that the church decided to make my birthday Zombie Jesus Day.  So, yeah, Happy Easter.

Anyways, to mark this momentous day, I decided to finally start myself a website that I promise I really will update and stuff.  I managed to not keep my others updated mostly because I wasn’t paying for them, but not this time!  This time, I’ve poured some money into it, not just time.  Of course, this also means that I have a better resources available to me.  You know, like real databases and junk like that.  I don’t have to do everything by hand, although I might miss that a little.

You know, I suppose I should be honest.  I actually started getting everything set up on April 3rd.  That’s when I finally made up my mind to do it.  I was thinking that it would be awesome to do the site for April Fool’s day, but I didn’t think of it until that day!  Then on the third, I realized that I really did want to do a website, so I broke down and went crawling to my computer, credit card in hand.  Okay, I’m still not being honest: I didn’t crawl.  As soon as my mind let me know that we were getting a website, I squealed a bit and bounced around while making decisions about the site!

So, you can now take some time to learn a little bit about me here and then you can keep checking back for updates and junk.  For now, I’m planning to update a few times a week.  Possibly more, but I’m trying for a minimum of three times across any seven-day span.  :-p  Also, if you do keep coming back, you’re likely to get to watch me screwing around with the theme.  As of right now, I’m using a theme that I created using Artisteer 2 and while I love the way it works and I definitely loves the ideas it gives me, there are some thing that I can’t do with that program and I’m hoping to create a new theme from scratch that will do everything I want!  :-D

So, again, Happy Easter to all two of you who are likely to be reading this.  {I know who you are.  ♥  I love you!} And happy birthday to me!

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