Monthly Archives: May 2009

Here kitty, kitty, kitty!
Okay, so, I love cats!  They are my most favorite animal ever!  I have a handsome black cat of indeterminate breeding who usually looks like a Persian.  [...]
Phrases I Use
I tend to get stuck using the same phrases without realizing it over and over. Sometimes, I have no idea how I began using a particular phrase.  Other [...]
I almost always have bruises.  It’s a common thing when you’re a klutz and bruise easily.  I’m used to them and, if you ask my mom, my [...]
Yay, PhpGedView!! Wait, what?
Haha, okay, so some people may know what PhpGedView is, but most people will see some random letters and say that I’m speaking Geek.  Which is [...]