Yay, PhpGedView!! Wait, what?

Saturday, May 02, 2009 - Family, WebApp

Haha, okay, so some people may know what PhpGedView is, but most people will see some random letters and say that I’m speaking Geek.  Which is possibly true, but this time I’m speaking GeneaGeek!

Anyways, PhpGedView is what is typically called a web application or webapp.  This specific webapp is used to help simplify your genealogy.  You simply upload it to your website, configure it, and then get to work creating your family tree!

Well, maybe it’s not quite that simple, but it is very easy overall.  What’s most amazing is that I can hopefully get my family to sign up for accounts and they can help me make sure all the information is up to date and accurate!

PhpGedView uses GEDCOM files which are considered the universal genealogy files.  These can be imported from other genealogy programs into PhpGedView or exported from PhpGedView and imported into other programs.  I’ve tried a few programs in the past but never found one that I liked or even one that I was willing to put up with long enough to input more than myself and my immediate family.  I’m looking forward to diving headfirst into PhpGedView which is an Open Source webapp!

I can honestly say that I’ve never been disappointed by an Open Source program.  I have tried some that didn’t do what I wanted or that I didn’t really have a need for, but I’ve never been disappointed by them.

Now, I have a confession, I haven’t actually done anything with the application other than play with a demo version.  I just finished installing it about ten minutes ago and I’m both really nervous about getting started and really excited.  I’m always that way about things that I’m looking forward to, which is why I’m here typing this now.  I’m stalling.  :-p  But at least I know it and admit it!

I’ll definitely be keeping the imaginary people reading this updated about how awesome (or possibly not) the webapp is and I’m going to try to convince my family to get their butts over there to sign up and help me!

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