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Tuesday, May 19, 2009 - Me

Okay, so, I love cats!  They are my most favorite animal ever!  I have a handsome black cat of indeterminate breeding who usually looks like a Persian.  Lately though, thanks to my forgetfulness when giving him a haircut, he brings to mind the Sphynx breed.  As a basic rule, I don’t care one way or another about having a purebred animal, but there are some exceptions and MidNite’s new haircut has had me thinking about that . . .

For those curious, this is my sweety-kitty before and after the haircut:

MidNite Haircut

I know, it seems strange to give a cat a haircut, but believe me, it was necessary.  Besides, I think he looks absolutely adorable like this!  And he looks younger, too!

Anyways, back to my preferred kitty breeds . . .

I absolutely love the look of all five of these breeds and seems how I already love cats, I would love to have these claiming my home as their own and allowing me the pleasure of their company.  Except for the first one, these aren’t in order of preference.


Siamese cats are without a doubt one of the most beautiful breeds of cat, in my opinion.  They even have their own theme song!  (Note, that link is the original video, but the newer version of the song.  If you prefer the original song, check out this video!)

There are two accepted types of Siamese cats: the “Traditional” or “Applehead” Siamese and the “Modern” or “Show-style” Siamese.  I am partial to the look of the traditional Siamese and if/when I get my own, I would prefer that style.  I do, however, love the savage look of the modern Siamese; they bring to mind big jungle cats.  Well, they do for me, anyway.  :-)

Siamese cats tend to be really social and want lots of attention, and I love that!  While I certainly don’t want a cat that acts like a dog, I definitely want a cat that wants to be around people!  Or at least me and some members of my family.  Siamese cats are also supposed to be very vocal and enjoy speaking to their humans.


Sphynx cats have one of the most intriguing looks of cat breeds.  While I think that they are beautiful and I would love to have one, I’m not sure that I would be capable of having one.

Commonly known as “hairless” cats, this breed actually does have hair.  Their fur, however, is more like peach fuzz than fur.  They cannot be allowed to roam around outside for very long, they have to be bathed fairly often, and they have no coat to protect them from the cold.  Granted, anyone owning any pet should always take extra special care of them, but Sphynx cats seem to require a bit more hands on care than most people associate with cats.

Sphynx cats, due to having no real protection from the cold, are very cuddly and have no problems being under the covers at night.  I love having MidNite sleep with me, and every so often he’ll sleep under the covers to humor me, but it’s rare.  Also a plus for the humans owned by these cuddly kitties, they are usually warm to the touch which means that having them cuddle against you won’t be uncomfortable!  And of course, you won’t have to worry about cat hair covering everything!!

Egyptian Mau

Egyptian Maus are a gorgeous breed with a naturally spotted coat that’s patterned on their skin, as well!  This is the fastest of all domestic cats and they even have an extra flap of skin that helps their speed and agility.  They are a very vocal breed and have some interesting physical expressions of excitement.

This breed has remained largely unchanged for over 3000 years and is descended from natural stock.  That means that their looks have not been tampered with by breeding programs.  A common characteristic of Egyptian Maus are the appearance of a “scarab beetle” or an “m” on their forehead.  The “m” marking is most common in the United States.  I would love to have one with the “scarab beetle” marking!


Ocicats easily have the cutest name of all the breeds; even cuter than Munchkin.  However, in spite of their cute name, they have a distinctively savage look to them!  Haha, okay, savage may be too strong a word, but they certainly do look more like wild cats than house cats.  This particular breed was actually named by the original breeder’s daughter because of it’s resemblance to the ocelot.

The Ocicat is a very friendly breed and requires lots of attention and are considered to be CatDog.  O_o  Wait, that’s not right!  They’re very dog-like in they’re mannerisms, though, and can apparently be taught some basic tricks without feeling that such things are beneath them.  This breed tends to get along well with other species, but always want to be the alpha-dog.  These cats are great for families and will even play parrot to your pirate if they’re in the mood!

Russian Blue

Russian Blues have always appealed to me.  I think it’s partly because of their uniform coloring, but also because of how adorably intelligent they look when they are so young!  True, cats of all ages have a tendency to always look intelligent (except when they are cross-eyed – nothing cross-eyed looks intelligent), but I think it’s because of the somber color of Russian Blues that the look of intelligence is enhanced in the kittens.  Now, this breed of cat not only looks intelligent, but actually is very intelligent.

This breed is also known as Archangel Blues which, for me, brings to mind the godly aspect that I always associate with cats!  Properly bred Russian Blues tend to have beautiful green eyes and a shimmering coat.  Interestingly enough, because of the low number of Russian Blues after World War II, Russian Blues were cross-bred with Siamese cats.  Siamese traits are now mostly bred out, but I would love to know which traits would win if you were to breed a modern Russian Blue with a Siamese cat.  :-)  Just some food for thought.

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