Monthly Archives: June 2009

Mix CD – Twitterpated
So, does everyone know what “twitterpated” means?!  And before you guess let me tell you that it has nothing to do with Twitter!  Here’s [...]
You can’t handle the truth!
There is an awesome movie that I’m pretty sure a lot of people consider a classic or something.  I personally love it, but even those people who [...]
Mix CD – F*** That B**** Up!
This mix CD is a month or so old.  I’m not actually sure when I burned it, but I figured I would share it anyway.  And the title of this CD is fairly [...]
I’m a Bitter Bitch
And that’s according to my mother so it must be true!!  O_o Or it might not be true and my mom is just going into “protect the knocked-up bitch [...]
Class Work – Copy & Paste Essay
I am equally strong in the logic/math and verbal/linguistic learning styles. I believe that my maternal grandparents had a lot to do with influencing and [...]
Mix CD – The Princess and the Pea
I just burned me a fun new CD!  :-D  I named it “The Princess and the Pea,” but that doesn’t really mean anything.  I pretty much name my [...]
Administrator Jaime and New Theme
So, I just made my bestest friend in the whole widest world and administrator on the site.  Not that I need someone to help me administrate it or anything, [...]
Last night was my cousin’s wedding.  It was beautiful and as soon as I get around to looking at the pictures that were taken with my camera, [...]
Um, oops?!
So, about two seconds ago, I knew exactly what I wanted to talk about, but I forgot.  I just got back from my cousin’s wedding!  It was beautiful, [...]
Horoscopes are Fun!
On my iGoogle homepage (that I don’t visit often enough) I have the little gadget that shows me my horoscope.  I always find it interesting to check [...]
Once upon a nightmare . . .
Once upon a time, not so long ago and not so far away, there lived a Princess.  She lived happily with her family in her parents’ castle. One day, an [...]
Punch Bug!
Everyone knows what a Volkswagen Beetle is.  It’s a very distinctive looking car driven by sadists.  The newer models are typically driven by females [...]