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Everyone knows what a Volkswagen Beetle is.  It’s a very distinctive looking car driven by sadists.  The newer models are typically driven by females while the older models can be driven by either gender without any negative social repercussions.

Most people know the game Punch Bug.  It’s also known as Punch Buggy, Slug Bug, and even Skittles.  I’ve never really understood how people justify calling it Skittles.  I get that with the bright colors and rounded shape that it resembles the candy, but I’ve never associated Skittles with hitting and I don’t know many people who do.  And before you say, “Well, what normal person associates hitting with cars,” keep in mind that the car is called a beetle and a good majority of people automatically squash (or hit) almost any bug within reach!  So there!  :-p

What is a punch bug?

A “punch bug” is any model of the Volkswagen Beetle.  You can do a Google Image search and see what they look like. I went to the VW website and built one that I think would be fun to drive.  Here’s what mine would look like:

Punch Bug


There are a few basic rules that you should know before playing!  Now, the rules can vary from person to person depending on lots of different things, so I’m sharing the rules that I use.

  1. Beetles in a VW dealership (used or new) do not count and cannot be called.
  2. Beetles in used car lots that are not specifically VW dealerships count, but are only worth half a point if you’re scoring.
  3. Scoring is optional, but should be decided on before playing.
  4. You can only hit once for each Beetle!
  5. You must call the Beetle before hitting.
  6. To call the Beetle, you say, “Punch bug, color, no punch backs!”  ie: “Punch bug, red, no punch backs!”

Scoring Systems

With a basic scoring system, all Beetles are worth one point.  Calling a punch bug on a car that isn’t a Beetle causes you to lose a point.

Using a more complicated scoring system can add a bit more fun to the game.  These scoring systems are usually determined by the individuals playing.  For example, if there is a Beetle that is almost always in a certain location, you can make that worth half a point instead of a full point since it will most likely be a race of who calls it first.  Another common change is making any Beetles in used car lots worth half a point as well.  I enjoy making convertible Beetles worth 1½ points.  Also, considering some of the amazing artwork that some people have done on their Beetles, making those worth 1½ points is fun!

How To Play

Simply take a drive and keep your eyes open for Beetles.  Call them as you see them and hope that you see them before the others in the car!

Good luck playing!

Occasionally Important Information:

Horoscopes are Fun!
Here kitty, kitty, kitty!

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