Once upon a nightmare . . .

Sunday, June 07, 2009 - Fairy Tale, Scribbles

Once upon a time, not so long ago and not so far away, there lived a Princess.  She lived happily with her family in her parents’ castle.

One day, an Ogre came calling and wanted to take her away.  Casting a spell over the Queen, he carried her off to a gathering of his tribe.  Forcing her to remain by his side and suffer through his attentions, he was unaware that her charms had captured the attention of the Other.

This Other had abandoned his mate after becoming entranced by the Princess.  Disguising himself as her Knight in Shining Armour, the Other rescued the Princess from the Ogre through the sale of her life and charged the Ogre with returning her to her family castle.  The Ogre did as he was bade, yet continued to harass the Princess.

This tale, however, is not about the Ogre, it is about the Princess and the Other . . .

Shortly after the Other rescued her from the Ogre, he called upon her to begin courting.  The Princess, having been fooled by his Knight in Shining Armour disguise, welcomed his courtship.  She accepted him as her only suitor and was soon introduced to his relations.  The Beings that had brought him into this world wore masks of friendship and love.  The Princess was naive enough to believe that everything was as it seemed and willingly left the protection of her family castle for the Other.

Soon, however, the Other’s disguise slowly disintegrated allowing bits of his true self to show.  The Princess overlooked many of his indiscretions thinking that no one, not even her Knight in Shining Armour, could be perfect.

As time passed, his actions grew cruel and he began flaunting his affairs.  The Princess, having given herself completely to the Other, continued to forgive and overlook his conduct hoping that it was simply a phase and that she hadn’t been mistaken in choosing him.

More time passed and the Princess could no longer see the Other as the Knight in Shining Armour who had rescued her from the Ogre.  The Other was found to be conspiring with the Beings to remove the Princess from existence.

When the Beings physically attacked the Princess, the King and Queen rode forth from their castle.  They spoke with the Other and were deceived by his claims of innocence.  They chose to allow him to continue courting the Princess on the condition that she would return to the family castle where she would be safe.

The Princess, distraught and still hoping beyond hope that the Other could once again be the Knight in Shining Armour that she had believed him to be, left with the King and Queen after bidding a tearful farewell to the Other.  Shortly after her departure, the Other declared to the world that the Princess had played him false and that henceforth their union was dissolved.  To the Princess, however, he told a different tale.  He claimed that his announcement was to keep her safe from the Beings that wanted to do her harm.  Once again, the Princess fell for his lies and for a time, the Princess was content with the status of their relationship.  Happily living under the delusion that once the danger from the Beings had passed he would come for her again.

Soon, however, a few commoners who were sympathetic to the Princess’s heartache sent documents to the Princess proving his infidelities.  Armed with knowledge of his transgressions, the Princess confronted the Other demanding an explanation.  The Other persisted with his falsehoods in spite of the evidence.  The Princess, heartbroken, banished the Other from the kingdom and refused all contact.

After some time had passed, the Other admitted to his wrongdoing, but refused to take responsibility for his actions.  The Princess chose to forgive him one last time, but would not receive him as a suitor until he accepted the consequences he deserved.

During this time, the Princess was reunited with her original Protector.  He had taken it upon himself, with the Princess’s blessing, to keep her from all harm as he had done in the past.  The Other was terrified of the Protector and attempted to convince the Princess that she shouldn’t allow him to continue with his duties.  The Protector, however, was the one person in the Princess’s life who had always been a constant and had never harmed her or lied to her and she refused to be deceived again by the Other.

The Other soon retreated out of fear and returned to his life of debauchery.  Every so often, he comes forth from his den of depravity to beg for the attentions of the Princess.  Each time, the Protector turns him away with the force of his love for the Princess.  The Other then returns to the ones who can never make him happy but temporarily distract him from his misery.  When the distractions are no longer enough to drive thoughts of the Princess from the Other’s mind, he comes after her time and time again to find the Protector still standing strong waiting to destroy him.

This tale is neither the end nor the beginning.  It is merely a portion of an epic history of two lovers lost to the world.

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