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Friday, June 12, 2009 - Me, Meaningless

So, about two seconds ago, I knew exactly what I wanted to talk about, but I forgot.  I just got back from my cousin’s wedding!  It was beautiful, fast, and fun!

I’m thinking that when I get married, I’m going to have to use Elegant Affairs but inform everyone that no music will be edited.  Kids will be welcome, but not encouraged because the music will not necessarily be appropriate for anyone under the age of 15.  ;-)

I know, why do I need vulgar music at a wedding?!  Well, I don’t need it, but I prefer the original and unedited tracks, usually.  Like “Da Bunny Hop,” it’s almost a classic now and I’ll probably have it played during the reception, but the unedited version is riddled with curse words and I want every single one of them played!

Also, there are a few songs that I think I’ll probably need to have played that, even without curse words, wouldn’t be appropriate for young children.

Not that I’m getting married any time soon, but still! It can’t hurt to dream, right?!

Um, I’m going to stop typing now.  I think I’m drunk and while I’m fairly certain everything is legible and grammatically correct, I don’t want to risk screwing up massively now that I know I’m trashed!  :-D  I’m weird, I know, it’s okay, you can say it!  :-p

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