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Wednesday, June 17, 2009 - Site Plans

So, I just made my bestest friend in the whole widest world and administrator on the site.  Not that I need someone to help me administrate it or anything, but mostly because I want him to be able to have access to everything that I do so that we can work on some stuff together.

Like this book idea he has.  Since he and I have so many randomly strong opinions, he wants us to write a book called No Gray Areas that nails down situations in black and white.  We talk about this stuff all the time but never write any of it down, so I had the genius idea to make him an account here so that we can write our ideas and nail down all the specifics together.  Then, once we don’t have any gray areas for a specific situation, we’ll post it for the world to admire our black and white decisions!

Plus, there are some other things that we have in mind that will be easier if we’re both able to access everything here.  Not all posts or pages will be from me anymore.  So, my next announcement has something to do with why I’m mentioning that Jaime is an administrator!

Over the next few days (well, probably longer depending on time and difficulty) I’ll be working on creating my own custom theme from scratch which will include showing who the author is and hopefully a picture of the author!  Technically, the theme I have now can do that, but I would have to go back into the program and edit it.  While it would only take about two minutes to edit, export, upload, and activate, I’m using this as my motivation to create my custom theme.  And really, my current theme is custom, but it was created with Artisteer (an amazingly useful program that I highly recommend) and I really really want to be able to say that my theme is my work and only mine from start to finish!!

So, that’s it for now I think.  I doubt that Jaime will be posting anything any time soon, but this is just a heads up that he might!  Hopefully I’ll get the new theme done quickly and then you can see who is posting what! :-D

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