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Tuesday, June 23, 2009 - School

I am equally strong in the logic/math and verbal/linguistic learning styles. I believe that my maternal grandparents had a lot to do with influencing and emphasizing this. When I was an infant, my grandmother would watch me during the day while my mother worked. My grandmother placed a lot of emphasis on reading and actually bought a program designed to teach children less than one year of age how to read. My grandfather, being an electrician and dealing with numbers all day, placed slightly more emphasis on mathematical skills and teaching me numbers. My grandfather would help me read the colorful advertisements in his newspapers and then help me count all the numbers.

When I first considered ITT Tech, my overwhelming passion for computers had the most influence over my decision. I don’t really consider myself weak in any of the learning styles. I scored in the upper mid-range areas on all except for the body/kinesthetic learning style, so I don’t think that my learning style influenced my decision at all. The only thing besides my love for computers that had any conscious bearing on my decision was the small class sizes. I am deaf in my right ear and it is necessary that the classes be small enough so that I can hear the teacher whenever necessary.

My dominant interests and learning styles are very simply connected. My greatest love is reading, which obviously has a strong connection to my verbal/linguistic learning style and my passion for proper spelling and grammar. My love for computers and their inner workings stems from, enhances, and influences my logic/math learning style. When you get down to the very basics of computers – all the way down to their core programming – it’s just math and logic. There is no gray area, just right or wrong, ones and zeros. I believe that my dominant learning styles and my dominant personality style complement each other perfectly. My dominate personality style is introvert, meaning that I prefer my own company to that of others. Computing and reading are typically solitary activities and this suits me just fine.

The most positive aspect of my learning style and dominant personality that I think will help me succeed at ITT Tech is the passion from which they stem. Nothing can change the way I feel about computers and working with computers which means that nothing can change my desire to succeed. As an introvert, I draw my strength only from myself and those closest to me. This helps in that those few people that I lean on will only try to help me succeed.

*This is something I had to do in my “Strategies for the Technical Professional” class and felt like sharing.

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