I’m a Bitter Bitch

Tuesday, June 23, 2009 - Family, Me, Rant

And that’s according to my mother so it must be true!!  O_o

Or it might not be true and my mom is just going into “protect the knocked-up bitch cub” mode.

My sister is pregnant.  She’s not married and has no intention of getting married before the thing is born.  I’m not sure when it’s due, but considering that she found out in December, I’m thinking it’s due in September.  And they found out what it was, but I forgot.  I think it’s a girl.  I could look at her Facebook and find out, but I don’t really care.  Hahaha!  See, I am a bitch!

Anyways, Karen (the knocked-up bitch sister) has always been a bitch.  Some people try to say, “Oh, she’s just moody because her hormones are all out of wack,” but that’s only applicable to some extent.  Karen is using her pregnancy as an excuse to be even more of a bitch than she ever was without having to deal with the consequences!

The baby-daddy has one of those “seven on; seven off” jobs and whenever he’s on he has to go to some other part of the state and Karen is left home alone.

MyBabyDaddy (Radio Edit) – B-Rock & The Bizz

Now, when she first moved in with him, she moved in with him because of that!  Her excuse was that she would be spending all her time there when he was home because she would miss him while he was gone and that she would still be spending all her time there when he was gone because they didn’t want the crappy rented trailer sitting empty.  Someone might try to break in and steal his beer!  Haha!  Okay, yeah, I’m totally bitchy!  :-p

It didn’t really work out that way because she’s so used to having her way and having people around to bitch at that she can’t stand being alone!  Before she got knocked-up, she would constantly be begging people to go stay with her or she would spend a night or two at the house displacing and inconveniencing everyone.  After she got knocked up, she suddenly couldn’t stand to be alone and whenever the baby-daddy is gone, she spends every single night at the house.

I don’t like my sister.  Never have and it’s highly unlikely that I ever will.  I purposefully choose not to associate myself with people that I think are bad people.  Karen fits my definition of a bad person.  She uses people until they wise up and ditch her or until she’s done with them.  She constantly breaks promises to people if a better offer comes along.  She’s mean, selfish, spoiled, and an all-around pain in the ass!  Unfortunately, because she’s my sister, there is some level of association that I can’t avoid unless I completely cut myself off from all of my family.  :-/

Now, I have no problem saying that I’m a bitch!  I am a bitch.  It doesn’t bother me if other people call me a bitch.  If I had a problem with it, I would try to not be a bitch!

Karen, however, is a bitch that doesn’t want to admit it.  And my mom, for whatever reason, has become her biggest defender.  O_o  It’s ridiculous.  Before she got knocked-up, Mom would have been one of the first to say she was being bitchy even if she wouldn’t have used the word bitch.  Now, however, the tramp can do no wrong!

Yes, I consider my sister a tramp.  Reasons are as follows:

Now, for the record, both of my parents have always treated her like she was absolutely perfect and could do no wrong and treated me like a massive screw-up.  I’m not perfect and never expected to be treated that way, but the fact remains that I’m not pregnant and in spite of being with one guy for almost seven years, we never even had a pregnancy scare.  Karen and Scott (the baby-daddy) hadn’t even been together half a year before she moved in and got knocked-up.  O_o

Yeah, so, I see some serious flaws in the way people (and especially my mother) react to Karen’s illegitimate pregnancy.

Some of the more objective and sane members of my family see it the same way that I do and see that Karen is still the same spoiled bitch who’s now milking the pregnancy mood swings excuse to be even more of a bitch, but they are few and they aren’t nearly as willing to speak up around those who disagree.  Simply because I won’t betray their trust that I not let everyone know that they agree with me (that’s a little messed up, right?!) I won’t say which family members they are, but they do exist and, like I told my mom this morning, if you just open your ears you can tell which ones they are.

Am I a bitch?

YES! I am a total bitch and I’m proud of it!!!  In one way or another, these songs are all about me:

Bitch – Meredeth Brooks

Crazy Bitch – Buckcherry

Cold Hard Bitch – Jet

Am I bitter?

Hmm, I can’t honestly say that I am.  My mom thinks that I’m bitter and jealous because Karen is knocked-up and engaged before I am, but my standards are a little higher than that:

  1. I require two rings and a ceremony before I get knocked-up.  (Yes, two rings: engagement and wedding.)
  2. I don’t want an illiterate hick as my mate.
  3. Anyone proposing to me on a cake and with a recycled ring (from a previous fiancée, not something handed down through the family) would find themselves single again if they were lucky enough to live through the proposal.
  4. I won’t ever settle which is what I would be wanting for myself if I was to be jealous of her.  She may not consider it settling, but I want better for myself and I will have it.

So, no, I’m not bitter.

I do however, resent the fact that my mother thinks she has the insight into my mind to tell me what I’m thinking and that I shouldn’t be feeling what she thinks I’m feeling.  If for some reason I was bitter and jealous, I would have every right to feel that way and she should be ashamed of herself for thinking that I don’t.  Only one person knows what’s on my mind at any given moment and he knows me well enough to laugh at the fact that someone would think that I was bitter and jealous because of what Karen has.

In Conclusion:

This is what happens when parents choose favorites and make it obvious to everyone.  One child turns out semi-normal.  The other turns into a spoiled bitch who goes out of her way to make the rest of the world miserable.

Haha!  My conclusion may seem a bit out there considering that I didn’t actually say a thing about her being the favorite, but that’s where a lot of Karen’s delusions stem from and my parents encouraged her “I’m better than everyone” mentality which, in turn, encouraged her “I have the right to be a bitch to everyone and not deal with the consequences” mentality.

Occasionally Important Information:

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