You can’t handle the truth!

Sunday, June 28, 2009 - Family, Rant

There is an awesome movie that I’m pretty sure a lot of people consider a classic or something.  I personally love it, but even those people who haven’t watched the movie know at least one line from the movie!

You can’t handle the truth!

–Jack Nicholson as Col. Nathan R. Jessep

The movie is called A Few Good Men and it’s got a cast of people who’s names even I recognize!  Haha!  Anyways, the movie is great in my opinion, and that one line seems to sum up so many people that it’s ridiculous!

So here’s what happened:

Dad: We’re all going to Karen’s for dinner.


Dad: Are you going to come?

Me: …  No, sir.

Dad: Why not?

Me: Uh, do you want the truth or an excuse that sounds nice?

Dad: Never-mind.  I don’t want to hear it.

Me: Okay.

Yeah, it sounds messed up.  He already knows what the truth is, but doesn’t want to hear it because he doesn’t like it!  And it’s not something that’s wrong with just my dad.  I know very few people who actually want the truth if they’re given an option.

For those who might be curious, none of my “excuses” would have been lies.  I’m very big on the truth.  I don’t lie.  It’s both a waste of my time and too much hassle to remember to whom you told what lie.  And my memory totally sucks!  :-p

My reason is the fact that I don’t like my sister or the baby-daddy.  My excuses are:

Anyways, back to people hearing the truth . . .

In my experience, very few people actually want to know the truth.  This sort of thing confuses me.  I always want to know the truth.  Whether I like the truth or not is a completely different story, but I always want to know it!

You can’t make fully informed decisions if you’re basing your decisions on lies or half-truths.  For example, when I received this picture:


It wasn't an accident that they have a picture of Patrick. The only reason Boni is in the shot is because they didn't want it to be obvious that they were taking a picture of him. I'm guessing that right about the time Katie hit the button is about when Patrick recognized them and panicked. :-D I love the "oh shit" look on his face! Hahaha!

Before this, I hadn’t dumped Patrick because I didn’t know he was cheating on me even though I was pretty sure that he was.  He kept claiming that he wasn’t, and I based my decision on the fact that I assumed he wouldn’t lie about it again.  However, he made the mistake of taking this skank-hoe on a date to the New Orleans aquarium.  Two girls I know happened to be there playing tourist.  They took a picture and emailed it to me.

I was going to make a list of all the reasons why I had believed him when he was insisting that he wasn’t cheating on me before I saw the picture, but I realized it made me look really stupid.  Oh well, I was stupid and hindsight is 20-20.

Amusingly enough, in spite of the fact that I had proof of him cheating on me and the eye-witness accounts of two girls who had no motive to lie to me, he still swore up, down, left, right, front, back, and center that he wasn’t cheating on me.

Anyways, I obviously didn’t like getting that bit of truth.  Finding out I was being lied to and cheated on again hurt like hell!  But ignoring the truth or not wanting to see the truth would have only hurt me more in the long run.

This is true of everyone who chooses to ignore the truth.  Eventually, it will come back and slap you in the face and you won’t have any excuse for not having dealt with it sooner because you had the chance.

In my dad’s case, one day he’s going to realize that I really can’t stand my sister and he’s going to wonder why.  He’ll have no excuse for not knowing because he has actively chosen to ignore it all.  Knowing him, he’ll probably scream and yell and holler in hopes that he can change my opinion, but all that will do is make me want to avoid him the same way that I do my sister.

In Patrick’s case, he chose to not tell the truth and tried to live outside of reality.  He’s already felt the consequences of his actions and he’s starting to feel the long-term effects now. As I said earlier, I was stupid when it came to him and I forgave him and took him back after a lot of things.  He’s already started calling me like he has always done in the past when he decided he wanted me back.

He’s used lines like, “you’re like a magnet that draws me back no matter what happens” and “I just can’t imagine my life without you” and “you make me want to be the man that you thought I was in the beginning.”  Yes, he’s used those lines and in the past they have worked, but you can only tell so many lies before everything you say is seen as a lie.

Now, it may be that he’s telling the truth for a change, but considering that he’s a bad person all around, I don’t want him anywhere near my life.  To some extent, you can say that I’m ignoring the truth (if what he’s saying is true) but the fact remains that regardless of what he says whether it’s true or not, I would still be ignoring him.

I don’t interact with him at all, anymore.  Each time he calls or texts or tries to contact me, I just let Jaime know.  Jaime sends him packing and then I get another message or call with him swearing that it was someone messing with his phone and that it won’t happen again.  Haha!  Too bad that’s not exactly believable, either!

So, In Conclusion:

Telling the truth is crucial!  Insisting on having people tell you the truth and then paying attention to the truth is vital to having the opportunity to live a decent life.  Without the truth, your life will suck!

Lying is bad and will get you in trouble no matter what you think!

I have a bad habit of going off on tangents.  You’ll have to forgive me!  :-p

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