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Tuesday, June 30, 2009 - Music

So, does everyone know what “twitterpated” means?!  And before you guess let me tell you that it has nothing to do with Twitter!  Here’s a quick hint, Bambi didn’t want to become twitterpated, but I love the feeling!  My personal favorite definition:

Complete and immediate infatuation with someone or something that occurs in the onset of Spring; giddy excitement rooted in the physical.

source (It’s the fifth entry.)

So anyway, while it might not be Spring-time, I’m totally twitterpated and I finally got around to making myself a CD for that particular mood!  :-D  And yes, I know that I have the same song twice, but it’s two different versions.

  1. Custom Made – Andy Griggs
  2. Everywhere – Michelle Branch
  3. Halo – Haley James Scott
  4. He Could Be The One – Hannah Montana
  5. Heaven – Bryan Adams
  6. Heaven – DJ Sammy & Yanou featuring Do
  7. I Still Believe – Mariah Carey
  8. I Wanna Be Bad – Willa Ford
  9. Iris – Goo Goo Dolls
  10. Running to the Edge of the World – Marilyn Manson
  11. Stand Inside Your Love – The Smashing Pumpkins
  12. We’ll Be Together – Ashley Tisdale
  13. What I Like About You – Lillix
Some random notes . . .

My favorite parts of the first song are the lines, “When I put my arms around her we just fit,” and “I was born to be her’s, she was made to be mine!”

“Halo” is such a pretty song and I love it!  It describes the way someone sees me almost perfectly.  But I love that even though he knows I make mistakes that he still thinks I’m perfect!

Oh my God!!  At this exact moment in time, “He Could Be The One” is my favorite song and I love it soooooooo much!!!!!  And, of course, my favorite part is the bridge or whatever it’s called:

And he’s got a way of making me feel,
Like everything I do is,
Perfectly fine,
The stars are aligned when I’m with him,
And I’m so into him!

“Heaven” (both versions) is really important to me even though I didn’t remember why until I burned the CD.  My memory sucks!  :-(

One of the most perfect songs I’ve ever heard is “Iris” and it just works so well.

Occasionally Important Information:

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