Monthly Archives: July 2009

Recipe – Saltgrass Steakhouse Tortilla Soup
My dad made this new soup for dinner tonight. It was amazing, so I figured I would share the recipe with you imaginary peoples! This is also my first time [...]
The Harridan and the Carcass
The tale of the Princess and the Protector is crossed by the tales of many others.  Some less fortunate, some cruel, and some content to merely float [...]
Class Work – Research Team Assignment
Instructions: Choose one statement below. Team up with another classmate. Visit the LRC. Use your textbook and a computer in the LRC to research. Type a [...]
Mix CD – Dr. Pepper Whoppers
In all honesty, this CD was thrown together because I wanted something extra fun to throw into the car since I think I’m going to be doing a little [...]