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Monday, July 06, 2009 - Music

In all honesty, this CD was thrown together because I wanted something extra fun to throw into the car since I think I’m going to be doing a little extra driving to look at a few apartment locations tomorrow.

How messed up is that my parents want to pay for half the rent on an apartment because I don’t get along with my sister who doesn’t live here?!  You probably won’t hear me complaining, though!!  I might not like living in an apartment, but if I’m only paying half of it and I get it all to myself (with the exception of people that I want around me) then I’ll totally go for that!  I’ll totally need a bigger bed, though.  O_o  Haha!

Anyways, I’ll probably have more to say about that another time, for now, some music:

  1. Always On Time – Ja Rule Feat. Ashanti
  2. Big Girls Don’t Cry (Personal) – Fergie
  3. Does My Ring Burn Your Finger – Lee Ann Womack
  4. Findin’ A Good Man – Danielle Peck
  5. Halo – Haley James Scott
  6. He Could Be The One – Hannah Montana
  7. He Loves You Not – dream
  8. Heaven – DJ Sammy & Yanou
  9. I Must Not Chase The Boys – Play
  10. Iris – Goo Goo Dolls
  11. Ladies Love Country Boys – Trace Adkins
  12. My Humps – Black Eyed Peas
  13. No Good – Kate Voegele
  14. Size Matters (Someday) – Joe Nichols
  15. Stand Inside Your Love – The Smashing Pumpkins
  16. Suds in the Bucket – Sara Evans
  17. Try Again – Aaliyah
  18. What’s Luv – Fat Joe Feat. Ashanti
  19. Your Man – Josh Turner
  20. 21 Questions – 50 Cent
Some interesting information:

These songs weren’t really chosen with anything in mind other than loving to sing to them!  Or at least trying, in some cases!  I think that, except for rock, the most common genres are represented: pop, country, and hip-hop/rap.  All nice and mixed together!  :-D  I hope Fat joe doesn’t squash Josh Turner!  O_o  Hahahaha!

So, I’ve never been bothered by putting the same song on eight different CDs because when I burn a new CD, I usually take the other one out of my car.  I also very seldom let people ride with me* so they never have time to get tired of the songs!  :-D

*I’m deaf in my right ear, which puts any passenger on my deaf side.  I find this disturbing, so I avoide passengers.

Anyways, I don’t really feel like giving any information about each song or even some of them, so I’m just going to say these few things:

Occasionally Important Information:

Mix CD - Stuffs
Mix CD - Twitterpated

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