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Monday, July 13, 2009 - School


Our Statement:

Describe the process of using the system restore to recover from a damage system without the need to reinstall backed-up files.

Our Paper:

The Windows System Restore tool allows you to create restore points both automatically and manually. These restore points allow you to “roll-back” your computer system to the way it was on a certain day at the time the restore point was created. A restore point is, essentially, an image of your registry and certain system files. System Restore does not back-up any personal files or data; however, using the System Restore tool to roll-back your system won’t cause you to lose any of your personal files or data, either.

To use the System Restore tool to recover from a damaged system, you must be able to launch Windows. Once Windows has loaded, open the System Restore tool (Start » All Programs » Accessories » System Tools » System Restore). Choose the “Restore my computer to an earlier time” option and hit the “next” button. Select the date you want to roll your system back to and then, if there is more than one restore point, choose the one that you want to use and click next. Next, you will see a confirmation screen that asks you to verify that you chose the correct restoration point and gives you some basic information about the process and what your computer will do during the restoration. Once again, click the next button to proceed. At this point, your system should shutdown and restart automatically. After restarting, you should see a “Restoration Complete” screen. After checking that you system is back in working order, you should hit “OK” and then continue using your computer as always. If your problems aren’t fixed, repeat this process choosing a different restore point.


*This was in my Introduction to Personal Computers class. The source was used for the screenshots since the school computers have a lot of things disabled to prevent screw ups. Also, I worked with Paul who is really good friends with my cousin Josh. He was one of the groomsmen in his wedding last month. :-) We pretty much just threw it together and got a 100%! Yay us!

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