The Harridan and the Carcass

Tuesday, July 14, 2009 - Fairy Tale, Scribbles

The tale of the Princess and the Protector is crossed by the tales of many others.  Some less fortunate, some cruel, and some content to merely float through life without meaning.

The Harridan and the Carcass are two beings who care for none but themselves.  They exist only to hurt and destroy.  Their greatest joy is bringing misery into the lives of everyone with whom they come in contact.

Astonishingly, the Harridan once led a good life.  She and the Princess and were raised as sisters by the King and Queen.  However, while the Princess learned to always treat others as she would be treated, the Harridan somehow learned that the world should bow down and worship her regardless of whether she had done anything to deserve it!

The Carcass was born into poverty and was deformed from the moment of his birth.  The villagers tried to kill him both in an act of mercy and to prevent him from being a drain on the town’s resources.  His mother, however, refused to allow this kindness.  So the Carcass lived, and as he grew older, it became apparent that his deformities were not merely physical.  His mind was also damaged.

He grew into a cruel being.  The villagers learned to keep their family pets within sight if the Carcass was around.  Several times, the body of a beloved cat or dog would be found impaled on someone’s fence.

The Harridan met the Carcass while roaming the countryside with her servants and searching for more victims.  Most everyone in the kingdom knew of the Harridan and stayed as far away from her as they could.  The Carcass, due to his mental deficiencies, was not aware that he should fear her.

At the time when the two met, the Harridan was throwing a temper tantrum.  One of her servants had allowed her newest victims to escape.  It stands to reason that the twisted mind of the Harridan would demand that her servant take the place of the escaped prisoners.  Therefore, when the Carcass arrived, his first view of the camp was a very bloody torture scene.

The Carcass was walking through the forest and came across the Harridan’s camp.  Mentally unable to process the danger that he had just wandered in to, he went right up to the Harridan and asked if he could help.

The Harridan, for the first time in her life, was speechless.  She had never known anyone who didn’t immediately know who she was and cower in fear.

Her servants weren’t sure what to do.  The Harridan wasn’t giving any orders and they would not and could not bring themselves to act independently within the Harridan’s presence without a direct order.

After a few minutes of silence, the Carcass turned around, picked up a stick, and began poking the tortured servant in the eye.

No one could say exactly what happened after that first meeting, but the Carcass joined the Harridan’s entourage as a servant.  Due to his twisted mind, he soon became a favorite.

While they were never married (no priest would meet with the Harridan), they lived as man and wife.  Their offspring were raised to be cruel and evil.

Over the years, the offspring of the Harridan and the Carcass became known to the peasants as the Scourge.

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I know a person, do you?
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