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Wednesday, October 14, 2009 - Site Plans

It is my happy pleasure to announce that a new contributor will be joining the site.  His name his MidNite and you’ve seen him here before; not as an author, but as the subject of pictures and you got to see his haircut when I posted about the types of cats I like.

So far, MidNite has plans to post instructional segments about training humans, but knowing him, he’s probably got more up his sleeve.

We are also in talks with a couple other possible feline contributors and even a canine contributor!  It’s all very exciting!

MidNite has taken possession of one of my computers to begin blogging, but I’m not entirely sure when his first post will be.  I’m hoping sometime this weekend, but I don’t want to rush him!

Also, while I haven’t gotten on redoing the theme like I should have done ages ago, I’m still working on ideas.  I’m hoping that sometime before the end of the year I’ll have updated the theme here and maybe even the theme on my dad’s KC site that I run for him.  I’ll have to run changes by him, first, though, because I believe that he and the other Knights like the way it is now.

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