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Saturday, March 13, 2010 - Music

I’ve had this playlist set and stable for a while now: before Christmas, actually!  But if you recall that I had problems posting my Christmas playlist, I had the same problems posting this one.  So, it got put on the backburner and I forgot about it.  Until now…

  1. All You Wanted – Michelle Branch
  2. Are You Happy Now? – Michelle Branch
  3. Better Sorry Than Safe – Halestorm
  4. Bullet With Butterfly Wings – Smashing Pumpkins
  5. Check Yes Juliet – We the Kings
  6. Don’t Trust Me – 3OH!3
  7. Everywhere – Michelle Branch
  8. Follow You Down – Gin Blossoms
  9. Hide and Seek – Imogen Heap
  10. Hoedown Throwdown – Miley Cyrus
  11. Ice Cream Freeze (Let’s Chill) – Hannah Montana
  12. If You Could Only See – Tonic
  13. Let Her Cry – Hootie & The Blowfish
  14. Lost In The Crowd – Shinedown
  15. Lovefool – The Cardigans
  16. Monster – Skillet
  17. My Favorite Mistake – Sheryl Crow
  18. Only Wanna Be With You – Hootie & The Blowfish
  19. Pretty Baby – Vanessa Carlton
  20. Second Chance – Shinedown
  21. Stand Inside Your Love – Smashing Pumpkins
  22. Starstrukk – 3OH!3
  23. Stupid Girls – P!nk
  24. Torn – Natalie Imbruglia
  25. Whatcha Say – Jason Derülo
  26. You Belong With Me – Taylor Swift
  27. You Were Meant for Me – Jewel
  28. You’re Going Down – Sick Puppies
  29. 3 AM – Matchbox Twenty
  30. 45 – Shinedown

I don’t really remember most of my reasons for picking these songs.

I know that “Whatcha Say” is only in my music library because of Imogen Heap.  Listen to “Hide and Seek” after listening to “Watcha Say” and you’ll see what I mean.

I know that “You Belong With Me” is on the playlist because it’s a beautiful song and it makes me think of Jaime!  ♥

“Hoedown Throwdown” and “Ice Cream Freeze” make me sing and bounce along while driving and I absolutely love those songs!

Eh, that’s enough remembering.  Listen to the songs, love them or hate them, and then go read a book – like me!  :-p

Occasionally Important Information:

The Cardigans - "Don't Blame Your Daughter"
Aaliyah - "4 Page Letter" and "If Your Girl Only Knew"

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