We’ve been busy, busy, busy!

Sunday, April 18, 2010 - Consumerism, Me

Jaime and I have been super busy with buying a house.

O_o  A house?!

Yep, a house!  :-D

We’re really excited!  We found an adorable little house right down the street from my grandmother that I really wanted, so we made an offer on it and then signed a purchase agreement!

I was over the moon!

That is, until we did another walk-through with his dad.  We realized that all the updates on the inside were thrown together and not professionally done.

We were a bit upset at that, but still wanted the house because the location was amazing, even if you didn’t take into consideration my family.  Momo was right down the street with Nanny and Uncle Chuck right next to her, and Aunt Gael and Uncle Butch were right across the street.  It was near I-10 and Airline Highway and in a good school district.

Too bad for the sellers that Jaime’s dad was thorough in his inspection.  We walked around the freshly (if haphazardly) painted outside.  We knew the paint job wasn’t the best and there were several spots were the paint was really messed up; we had chalked that up to bad painting.  Little did we know that every one of those spots of “bad painting” was really a rotten spot in the wood that the paint was covering!

Oh no!  This amazing house was really kind of a dump and we had signed a contract saying that we were going to buy it!  I was almost in tears because of how upset I was.

Quick interruption with a time-frame here:

We first looked at the house on Sunday, April 11.  We made the offer that afternoon.  Monday, April 12 was my 26th birthday.  It was also the day that we received the counter-offer and signed the purchase agreement.  Tuesday (the 13th) we went back to the house in the evening just to look through it again and make sure we really did like it.  Jaime’s dad met us there that evening and did an inspection with us.

Well, I was devastated, to say the least.  Jaime, however, was on top of everything.

Wednesday evening (the 14th) we had an appointment to walk through an eight-year-old house in Sorrento.  I left work a little early to be there on time and when I got there I didn’t really pay attention to the house.  I walked through to make sure there wasn’t anything I hated about it.

There was, of course.  Two things, actually.

The first, was the color of the hardiplank siding.  It is an atrocious pink color.  Yuck!  I hate pink with a passion!  That can be easily painted, though.

The second thing is not so easily fixed.  The stove and oven are electric.  I shudder to think of how awful my cooking will be with an electric stove, but I’ll make do.  It isn’t likely that we’ll ever be able to fix that problem because there aren’t any gas lines running to the neighborhood at all.

There are some major pluses, though, such as:  There is no home owner’s association and therefore no restrictions in the neighborhood (which is the only reason I even considered the house once I found out it was in a neighborhood).  Jaime’s friend/co-worker Rey lives in the neighborhood.  The bedrooms are quite large considering the size of the house.  The backyard is pretty big for a neighborhood.  The house is in a cul-de-sac.  All of the closets in the house are a good size.  We don’t have to do any work to the house before moving in.

Jaime and I are really excited about this house.  It’s 1200 square feet, has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a laundry “room,” a living room, kitchen, and breakfast area.  (The laundry room is more like a really big closet, but it’s technically a room.)

Jaime has said that I get the front bedroom as a book room and computer room.  His desktop will be in there, too, but it will still be my book room.  The second bedroom will be the guest bedroom until we have children and then it will be their room.

Considering the size of the house, we don’t think we’ll be there forever, but it’s a fantastic starter house until we have children and they start getting older.  Of course, considering that there aren’t restrictions in that neighborhood, it’s possible that was can just add-on to the house (almost) as much as we want and make the house as big as we need it so that it becomes our starter and permanent house.  :-p

However, I am unbelievable happy with my birthday present this year.  I get a house.  Even better, I get a house with Jaime, and nothing beats that!  I am so lucky to have my Jaime!

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