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Saturday, July 10, 2010 - Lishy-Mobile

So, I decided to show everyone a list of my past vehicles because Jaime just bought me a car to replace the Sundance shown in the “The New Lishy-mobile!” post that Jaime did back in December of 2009.

I couldn’t find any pictures of my first and second cars, so I found some online that look like my cars.

1989 Plymouth Colt - First Car

First Car

My first car was a 1989 Plymouth Colt with a standard transmission that originally belonged to my grandfather.  It was a five-speed, two door hatchback.  It had an old tape player that didn’t work (I bought a CD player to replace it) and a horn that didn’t work (I had to install a horn with a funky little black button on the console).  It didn’t go very fast, but, in spite of it’s flaws, it was a good car.  Until it overheated and died while driving to Baton Rouge six months after I got it.  Shortly after that, it was donated to one of those car charities and I got my second car.

1996 Geo Prizm - Second Car

Second Car

My second car was a green 1996 Geo Prizm with a standard transmission and four doors!  The AC worked really well, it was a bit faster, and it lasted longer, too!  Granted, after two weeks, something happened to the spark plug and we had to get it towed somewhere to fix it because we didn’t know what was wrong.  And after about two or three months I had to change out some of the belts because something was wrong with them.  Then the tires had to be replaced because they were practically bald!  Overall, though, it was a good little car that survived many back-and-forth trips from Prairieville to Houston.  One day, though, about two years after I got it, a great big truck with a trailer hitch backed into my car while I was watching my youngest brother’s t-ball game.  It completely caved in the front hood.  The car still drove for another month until I finally found my replacement car.

2006 Chevrolet HHR - Third Car

Third Car

My third car was my only brand new car: a 2006 Chevrolet HHR LT.  I bought it in July of 2007 and got a great deal because the dealership hadn’t been able to sell it.  It seems that I’m the only person who wanted a standard transmission vehicle.  One of my requirements for my new vehicle, though, was power door locks, power windows, and cruise control (at the time I was still wasting my time, money, and gas driving back and forth between Prairieville and Houston, but that didn’t last long enough to put too many miles on my new car). In January of 2008, about seven months after I got the HHR, some moron who really is too stupid to be allowed to live decided that I’m supposed to come to a complete stop when I have the right of way while going over a railroad track and pulled across the road in front of me while I was doing the speed limit.  My car, thank goodness, survived and was fixed by her insurance company since she was at fault.  I have a post on my site about this wreck, but my insurance company asked that I remove it until the lawsuit is resolved.  Yeah, I did mention that she was too stupid to be allowed to live, right?  She decided to sue everyone she could think of to lay the blame for causing the wreck on anyone but her.  Once my insurance company gets that completely taken care of, I’ll un-private the post.  So, anyways, my car got fixed and I was happy with my car.  Except for the cup holders!  They were right next to the emergency brake and the emergency brake was constantly knocking the tops off the cups whenever I set it.  Grr.  Anyways, I have my car going great and I’m happy with it, until November of 2009.  Some Mexican who was an excluded driver on the vehicle she was driving thought it would be a good idea to stop in the middle of the road across my lane while trying to turn left across the interstate.  I wasn’t able to stop in time and plowed into the passenger side of her car.  Luckily, no one was with her.  Unluckily, it killed my HHR.

2006 Chevrolet HHR (dead) - Third Car (after second wreck)

Third Car (after second wreck)

After the wreck that my insurance company had to pay for because the person who caused the wreck was an excluded driver, my poor HHR looked like this, and I had to buy another car.  Luckily, my insurance company (Farm Bureau is GREAT) paid off my HHR and I still had about $6,000 (not including what I got from the medical stuff) to get another car.

1994 Plymouth Sundance - Fourth Car

Fourth Car

My next car, a 1994 Plymouth Sundance, was found in the parking lot at St. John’s Catholic Church off of Highway 73 in Prairieville.  One of the parishioners was selling it for his father-in-law and it was a great deal.  A good, reliable car for $1,750.  It was old and not very pretty, although I thought it looked really cool in a weird way, the inside smelled funny because of some chemicals that were used to clean it, and it didn’t have any real cup holders so you had to hold your drinks as you were driving, but it was a good car with an automatic transmission (my first) and no car note.  It lasted six months.  :-(  During the winter, the fuel pump broke.  Jaime got that fixed after a while, but in the meantime I drove his truck until I rear-ended someone.  He fixed it almost immediately after that and alternately praises and hollers at me for the wreck.  His truck got tons of upgrades that he had been wanting but didn’t want to spend the money on that his insurance paid for, and he likes that, but he’s still angry that I wrecked his truck.  Anyways, back to my Sundance…  The AC was beginning to drive me nuts once it got hot for the summer because it wouldn’t start getting cold until I was at my destination, and the radio would randomly turn on or switch from the CD player to the radio, but it was still doing it’s job of getting me to and from work.  However, June 11, 2010, I was rear-ended by an SUV going about 65 miles per hour while I was at a dead stop.  O_o  Luckily, I wasn’t badly injured.  I had a sprained neck, but the medicine fixed it as far as I can tell.  My poor little car, though, died.  I was able to move it to the shoulder and climb out the passenger side door, but the frame was destroyed and the insurance company totaled it.  That little car probably saved my life because of how well it was built.  I honestly think that if I had been in that wreck in any of my other vehicles, I would have suffered from more than just a sprained neck.  That wreck was on a Friday evening and Jaime, being the man that he is, bought me my fifth car the following Monday morning.

2005 Dodge Neon - Fifth Car

Fifth Car

This is my standard transmission 2005 Dodge Neon.  It doesn’t have power windows and door locks or cruise control like I wanted, but it’s a five-speed with some AWESOME cup holders!  The first time I drove it home (Monday, June 14, 2010), I realized just how much I missed having a standard.  I love having a great AC and pretty car, again.  Jaime has been doing some modifications to it, but even if he hadn’t changed a thing I would still love it!  It has it’s own thread at a car forum Jaime frequents here: January 10′-11′ Build Off 05 Dodge Neon Wace Cawr.  Him and all his forum buddies have all kinds of plans for my car.  Apparently, I’m going to autocross racing and enter it in a car show.  O_o

Soo, meet the new Lishy-Mobile!  A pretty blue 2005 Dodge Neon that I’m currently loving to pieces (not literally) and that is proof that my Jaime Paul knows my tastes in almost all things considering that he bought it without consulting me!!  Haha!

2005 Dodge Neon (rear) - Fifth Car

Fifth Car

I’m sure that at some point Jaime will make a post about all the things he’s done to and is planning to do to my car.  He’s also planning to do a binder for it like he has for the Destroya, which is pretty cool.  :-)  The new Lishy-Mobile is awesome!

Occasionally Important Information:

The New Lishy-mobile!

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