Thank you, Blooey!!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010 - Me

I have a new bookmark!

Well, really I have a new bookmark that is almost identical to my old bookmark.  You know, the only bookmark that I’ve ever been able to use and not lose!

A few months back, I went on a web search to find another one of “my” bookmarks.  I searched every where I could think of.  Finally, I resorted to searching Google Images to see if I could even find a picture of a bookmark like mine online.

Shockingly, I did!  I found this blog post thanks to Google Images: Another bunch of bookmarks!

I was so excited!  Someone had found my bookmark at a book store!  That meant they still made my bookmark!  Naturally, I asked Blooey, the author of the post, where she bought hers.  She was very nice and told me that the store was in the Philippines but she would see if the store had anymore the next time she went.

I offered to send money via paypal to cover the cost of the bookmark and postage to send it to me, but she refused and sent it to me out of the kindness of her heart.

Today, I received my bookmark and a card!  :-)

I’m insanely excited about this because not only will I get to put my original one in a safe place to prevent further damage, but I also have many new books arriving over the next few weeks.  Well, they aren’t brand-new-never-been-read books, but they’re new to me and they should all be in very good condition.  (Jaime bought me hardback copies of the entire Dune series.  The original six by Frank Herbert and the many written by his son Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson.)

This is the front and inside of the card Blooey sent to me.

This is the front and inside of the card Blooey sent to me.

My original bookmark shows lots of wear and tear. Can you tell I love it?!

My original bookmark shows lots of wear and tear. Can you tell I love it?!

This is my new bookmark from the Philippines, courtesy of Blooey!

This is my new bookmark from the Philippines, courtesy of Blooey!

The new version of my bookmark is a little bit different from my old one.  It’s slightly bigger and has a tassel, but it’s made from the same material and it’s the same beautiful design.  :-)  I’m happy.

Blooey’s website is located at and while I haven’t read too many of her posts, I’ve read several and they were all interesting.  Of course, it helps that I love books as much as she does.  :-D

Thank you, Blooey!

I’ll be putting my new bookmark to good use starting immediately with re-reading some of H. G. Wells’ books.  Up first is “The Island of Dr. Moreau.”

Update – August 14, 2010:

So, obviously, I need to log onto my site more often.  :-s  Blooey posted on her website about how she came to send me the bookmark and about this post.  I discovered that she apparently wanted to swap out the bookmark she originally bought for the one she found for me because mine didn’t have the ceramic bead attached.  Honestly, I’m glad mine doesn’t have the bead because that would drive me insane.  I’m still loving my bookmark.  I’ve gone through several books since I received it and I’m actually starting my new Dune collection either tonight or tomorrow.

Also, thanks to Blooey’s site, I discovered and I’ve sent off two books (one to Ireland!) and requested two.  One of them I’ve already received and the other is on it’s way.  :-D

I’m thinking of joining Shelfari, too, but I haven’t decided on that.  I first need to get all my books inputted into my database.  All the DVDs are finished, but that’s only because I didn’t mind spreading them all over the floor.  I’m a good deal more protective of my books!

Thank you, again, Blooey!  You’re totally awesome!

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  • Blooey

    Reading your blog entry made my day.

    You’re very much welcome, and I hope you have many happy hours of reading!

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