Monthly Archives: August 2010

Who dat?
“I’m sorry, what were you saying?” “Who dat?” “What is that supposed to mean?” “Who dat! Who dat! Donchoo [...]
The Protector and the Slug
Before the Protector came to his Princess, he was unwillingly linked to the Slug. His life was not his own and he had no say over how he spent most of his [...]
I’m a hypocrite.
Yes, it’s true.  I’m a hypocrite! Why, you may ask?  Well, simply put, I’m a hypocrite because when I took the following pictures, I had [...]
New Theme
So, I’m trying out a new theme. Obviously, right, I mean, that’s the title of the post!  :-p Anyways, this theme isn’t “mine” [...]
♫ Say my name, say my name! ♪
I don’t see too many people with my name, where the spelling and pronunciation match.  So, I figured I would look into the meaning which is something [...]