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Saturday, August 21, 2010 - Me

I don’t see too many people with my name, where the spelling and pronunciation match.  So, I figured I would look into the meaning which is something I had never really done before.

I’ve always known that people assume my name is just a variation of the name “Alyssa.”  “Alyssa” is derived from the “Alyssum” which is a flower.  The name of the flower, in Greek, means “not insane.”  Weird, the Alyssa I know is insane! Seriously. O_o

Technically, my name is a variation of the name “Alice.”  “Alice” is a shortened form of the Old French name “Adelais” which came from “Adalheidis,” which is German.

Anyways, my name means “noble, exalted, nobility” which is a nice ego boost. :-D

Sooo, that’s all. I just felt like letting you all know how cool my name is! :-D

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