The Protector and the Slug

Friday, August 27, 2010 - Fairy Tale, Scribbles

Before the Protector came to his Princess, he was unwillingly linked to the Slug.

His life was not his own and he had no say over how he spent most of his time.  The Slug enjoyed making his life miserable and did so every chance she got.

At one point, the Slug had believed herself to be in love with the Protector.  She managed to cast a spell to overcome his love for his Princess and bound him to her in every way she could.

Over time, the spell weakened.  The Slug forgot to strengthen the spell and the Protector began to regain control over his heart.  As he regained control, he tried in vain to sever all ties with the Slug.  That was easier said than done for, in spite of her recent lack of care for the spell, her original work had laid a very strong foundation that was proving difficult to break.

The Protector began expressing his own thoughts and opinions about the Slug’s actions both to her and to others.  He made it well known that what he desired most was to be free of her.

The Slug was the first to know that he wished for their bonds to be dissolved.  However, being unused to losing something that she claimed as her own, she made his attempts to free himself as difficult as she could and refused to acknowledge his requests of cooperation.

Finally, the Slug tried imprisoning him.  The Protector went into a rage and demolished the dungeon and, in doing so, broke what was left of the enchantments the Slug had cast.

The Protector left the Slug’s lands that night, never to return.  His first thought was of his Princess and returning to her side to keep her safe, as was his duty.

His Princess, confused at his sudden arrival and his unkempt appearance, for he had traveled without stop to her presence, welcomed him with open arms.  She proclaimed to her kingdom that his word was equal to hers and the two of them ushered in the Era of Love.

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"There Was a Child Went Forth"
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