My Perfect Moment

Saturday, October 02, 2010 - Me

I believe that everyone has a “perfect moment” in their day.  For some people it may be that first cup of coffee.  For others, it may be talking to their significant other.  My perfect moment is at the end of the day when I climb into bed.

No matter what has happened during the day, no matter how badly Jaime and I may have fought, no matter how angry I may still be, my perfect moment always happens.

Jaime always starts out the night on his back on his side of the bed.  As soon as I climb into bed, I curl up into his left side and he wraps his arm around me.  I put my left arm across him, rub his side, and listen to him breathe.  A few times during our cuddling, he turns his head to the side and gives me a forehead kiss.

That is my perfect moment.

I feel safe, happy, loved, and protected.  I look forward to the time I can curl up next to Jaime from the time I wake up in the morning.

My perfect moment has some annoying aspects, too.  Like when his chest hair tickles my nose or his arm hair tickles my back.  Or when my right arm goes numb from laying on it.  But when it comes right down to it, those annoyances make my perfect moment even more perfect.

Those annoyances remind me that it’s real.

My amazing and loving fiancé is real.  My life with him is real.  My perfect moment cuddled into his side is real.

Nothing can take away from my perfect moment.

Jaime and I don’t say cuddled up all night.  We’ll start dozing off together, but when that happens I move to my side of the bed.  Jaime radiates too much heat for me to sleep comfortably in his arms all night.  Right before I move to my side, I get one more kiss, then I roll over and go to sleep while he does the same.

Everyone should have their perfect moment right before going to sleep.  :-)

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