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Sunday, October 17, 2010 - Book Reading

I read many books last week.  Some of them I reviewed yesterday and then I told you what books I was going to read next.  Well, I’m almost finished with “The Lost Hero” and I’m really enjoying it.  When I finish that one, I’m starting “Reckless.”  However, I took a break from reading to review the other books that I read last week.  So, here we go…


This book has driven me nuts for years!  I started reading it one day and got about halfway through.  The book kept my attention the whole time and I didn’t willingly put it down.  However, I wasn’t able to borrow it and I didn’t think to write down the title or author.

Occasionally, I would read a book that brought this one to mind, but I still couldn’t remember the author or title.  It was by pure chance that I picked it up when I went to the library and the only reason I did was because it was by Crichton.

When I started reading it, I realized that it seemed familiar but I couldn’t figure out why.  Then, suddenly, Meredith essentially attacks Tom and just throws herself at him.  Right about then, I busted out laughing, the feeling of déjà vu went away, and I realized that I had finally found the book that I had been looking for.

This time, obviously, I finished the book and it was awesome!  The deal about the phone drove me nuts the whole time, though.  I suppose that it was obvious to me because I was the reader and because cell phones aren’t a new thing anymore.  They were still so new when this book was written that Crichton never once refers to them as “cell phones” or any other common term that we use now.  It’s always “cellular phone” which constantly cracked me up!

Anyways, the book is old in terms of technology, but it’s still a very good book and the situations presented are still as messed up today as they were back then.  (This book doesn’t really fall under the categories of any challenge except the library challenge.)

The Andromeda Strain

So, when we finally find the aliens (or they find us) we’re presented with a situation similar to the ending in H. G. Wells’The War of Worlds.”  You remember that part, right?  Where the aliens pretty much just drop dead because their bodies aren’t used to our germs?

Well, a specially made satellite looking for alien life forms finds some.  It lands in the middle of a small town and is cracked open by a doctor.  Naturally, everyone dies except for an old man with stomach ulcers and an infant that appears to be perfectly normal.

There was a special area built almost entirely underground for just such an occasion.  There are some unfortunate problems with the building and mistakes are made while trying to learn about the life form.

Overall, it’s a great book.  Given it’s age, there are the usual behaviors regarding computers that seem laughable to me, but I’ve had a computer available to me since I was about nine.

The Terminal Man

Mix together slowly and and thoroughly.  Bake at 451°F for four hours.  Let stand for twenty minutes, then serve.

Recipe serves up a great book that is almost impossible to put down!

:-D  This was fun!  I might have to do more reviews in recipe style!

Occasionally Important Information:

"Reckless" and "The Lost Hero"
Inkheart Trilogy and "The Thief Lord"

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