OSR — “Argonaut” and “Quantico”

Friday, December 03, 2010 - Book Reading

I, unfortunately, do not have time to do a proper review, so I’m introducing a new kind of review.  The OSR or “one sentence review.”  My deadline for the 42 challenge is today and while I have read the books, I haven’t had a chance to review them.  However, because they are also the two books for the charity category for the TwentyTen challenge (which originally had today as the deadline), I wanted to get a something up so that they count.  I will do a real review sometime this weekend.  I promise.


An awesome sci-fi book written by Stanley SchmidtI absolutely loved this book and will almost definitely be reading it again sometime soon!


This is a thriller/sci-fi novel by Greg BearA fantastic book that I will gladly read again.

Just a heads up: The wrap-up post for the 42 challenge will come tomorrow afternoon at some time.  :-)

Occasionally Important Information:

42 Challenge 2010 Wrap-Up
"Twilight: The Graphic Novel" and "The Birthing House"

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