42 Challenge 2010 Wrap-Up

Sunday, December 05, 2010 - Book Reading

42 Challenge

42 Challenge (for 2010)

Officially starts January 1, 2010
Officially ends December 3, 2010
Your mission–if you choose to accept it–is to read, watch, listen, and (possibly) review 42 sci-fi related items.

What counts? Short stories, novellas, novels, radio show episodes, television show episodes, movies, graphic novels, comic books, audio books, essays about science fiction, biographies about sci-fi authors, etc. Adapted or abridged works are okay as well.

This challenge was a lot of fun! I read some books that I hadn’t read in ages and I read some books that I hadn’t heard of or had the opportunity to read before. If only for those reasons, this challenge was worth it even though I didn’t manage to complete it. I was 26 books short, but that was probably because I read waaaay too many fantasy books after signing up for the challenge. O_o

Final Count: 16 of 42

I’m starting to choose my 2011 challenges and even though I didn’t finish this one, I did finish several others which is pretty good considering I didn’t start until September. I’m not sure how many challenges I’ll be choosing for 2011, but I know for certain that I’ll be doing this challenge again and definitely finishing it!

To sign up for the 42 Challenge 2011, go here.

Occasionally Important Information:

Some Quick Reviews
OSR -- "Argonaut" and "Quantico"

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