2010 Chunkster Reading Challenge Wrap-Up

Wednesday, December 29, 2010 - Book Reading

2010 Chunkster Reading Challenge

Definition of a Chunkster:

  • A chunkster is 450 pages or more of ADULT literature (fiction or nonfiction) … A chunkster should be a challenge.
  • If you read large type books your book will need to be 525 pages or more … The average large type book is 10-15% longer or more so I think that was a fair estimate.

The Rules:

  • No Audio books in the chunkster. It just doesn’t seem right. Words on paper for this one folks.
  • No e-Books allowed – we are reading traditional, fat books for this challenge.
  • Short Stories and Essay collections will not be counted.
  • Books may crossover with other challenges
  • Anyone may join. If you don’t have a blog, just leave me a comment on this post with your progress (and to let me know you are playing)
  • You don’t need to list your books ahead of time.
  • Once you pick a level, that’s it…you’re committed to that level!

You must pick a level of participation (thanks again to Dana for the humor in these categories!):

  1. The Chubby Chunkster – this option is for the reader who has a couple of large tomes on their TBR list, but really doesn’t want to commit to much more than that. 3 books is all you need to finish this challenge.
  2. Do These Books Make my Butt Look Big? – this option is for the slightly heavier reader who wants to commit to 4 Chunksters over the next twelve months.
  3. Mor-book-ly Obese – This is for the truly out of control chunkster. For this level of challenge you must commit to 6 or more chunksters OR three tomes of 750 pages or more. You know you want to…..go on and give in to your cravings.

Some Other Questions you Might Have:

  • To review or not to review, that is the question…Reviews are not mandatory, but they are strongly encouraged. I will be putting up a Mr. Linky at the beginning of the challenge for links to your reviews. I will also be posting a Mr. Linky for wrap up posts at the end of the challenge.
  • Will there be prizes? Perhaps. I am still thinking on this…but I may consider some bookish giveaways as the challenge progresses! If I were you, I would subscribe to this blog just in case I announce something important.
  • Is there anything else we need to know? Um, not that I can think of right now. But, lately I have been into being flexible. And I may decide to add some fun stuff to this blog, or even have a guest poster or two. Check back in occasionally (or subscribe to the feed) just in case!

To sign up, please use Mr. Linky below by linking DIRECTLY to your post about the challenge (please, please – do NOT link to your main blog page!!). If you do not have a blog, just enter your name in the name part of Mr. Linky and hit enter (also leave me a comment telling me which level of participation you will be doing).

I signed up for the Mor-book-ly Obese level because several of the books I want to read are a pretty good size. The only thing that put a slight damper on chunkster reading was the “adult” requirement. Many of my bigger books are not considered “adult” books. Harry Potter is considered children’s books, or young adult at best. Twilight is considered young adult. The Lord of the Rings series aren’t quite long enough.

However, in spite of that minor obstacle, I still managed to read a few really good books that also fit the definition of chunkster! :-D

Final Count: 8 of 6

  • 2010-11-24 Four Dan Brown Books (only Deception Point, Angels & Demons, The Da Vinci Code)
  • 2010-11-23 The Spellsong Cycle by L. E. Modesitt, Jr. (The Soprano Sorceress, The Spellsong War, Darksong Rising, The Shadow Sorceress, Shadowsinger)
  • 2010-09-08 My sign-up comment.
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