Entry: Celebrate the Author

Monday, January 10, 2011 - Book Reading
Entry: Celebrate the Author
Celebrate the Author 2011

Celebrate the Author 2011

From the challenge site:

Becky over at Becky’s Book Reviews has hosted this challenge in the past. She has decided not to host this one in 2011, and has passed it on to me!! (Thanks Becky!)
Here are the details
For this challenge participants “celebrate” author birthdays. The challenge is designed to ‘celebrate’ the special bond–the connection–that occurs between the author AND the reader as well as the connection between readers. It is very easy to “bond” with other readers over certain works, certain authors, etc
Challenge runs from January 1 st 2011 until December 31st 2011
Choose one author for each month of the year.
Read at least one book a month. 12 authors. 12 birthdays. If you like, you can read MORE than that. Read the books in any order you wish. As long as you’ve got one book representing an author birthday from each month of the year by the end, then you’re good.
You can choose picture books, poetry books, early readers, chapter books, fiction for middle grades, fiction for teens, adult reads, nonfiction, whatever you want. If it is a book, it counts!

To find out author birthdays, visit these helpful sites:
Author birthdays by date (pdf), author birthdays by name (pdf),,, author birthday directory, etc. or conduct google searches of your own. (Hint: typing the authors name, a “+” and the word ‘birthday’, tends to work if you assume that wikipedia gets such things right.)

No lists are necessary. You can make a list if you like. But you don’t have to make a list and stick to it.
Sign up by leaving a comment (include your link if you wish)!

If you’d like other participants to keep track of your progress, then I’d suggest having one post on your blog where you keep an as-you-go list. (If you don’t have a blog, then don’t worry about it! You’re still welcome to join in on the fun.)

You’re not required to post a list in advance, but I wanted to narrow my choices down before I started the challenge.  :-)  I picked three authors for each month and while I may not read all three, I’m going to try.


1920-01-02 Isaac Asimov

1882-01-18 A. A. Milne

1809-01-19 Edgar Allen Poe


1867-02-07 Laura Ingalls Wilder

1828-02-08 Jules Verne

1938-02-12 Judy Blume


1904-03-02 Dr. Seuss

1937-03-20 Lois Lowry

1874-03-26 Robert Frost


1926-04-01 Anne McCaffrey

1916-04-12 Beverly Cleary

1564-04-23 William Shakespeare


1860-05-09 Sir James M. Barrie

1938-05-13 Francine Pascal

1865-05-15 L. Frank Baum


1919-06-05 Richard Scarry

1939-06-15 Brian Jacques

1950-06-24 Mercedes Lackey


1907-07-07 Robert A. Heinlein

1866-07-28 Beatrix Potter

1965-07-31 J. K. Rowling


1819-08-01 Herman Melville

1890-08-20 H. P. Lovecraft

1797-008-30 Mary Shelley


1869-09-06 Felix Salten

1916-09-13 Roald Dahl

1923-09-29 Stan Berenstain


1920-10-08 Frank Hebert

1943-10-08 R. L. Stine

1929-10-21 Ursula K. Le Guin


1847-11-08 Bram Stoker

1850-11-13 Robert Louis Stevenson

1667-11-30 Jonathon Swift


1830-12-10 Emily Dickinson

1958-12-10 Cornleia Funke

1917-12-16 Arthur C. Clarke

Occasionally Important Information:

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