Entry: One, Two, Theme

Tuesday, January 11, 2011 - Book Reading
Entry: One, Two, Theme
One, Two, Theme

One, Two, Theme

From the challenge site:

Hi and welcome to the One Two Theme challenge, we hope you decide to join us!

The idea of the challenge is to read about specific topics that interest you, in various degrees of detail. For theme 1 you’ll read one book, for theme 2 you’ll read two books, for theme 3 you’ll read three books and so on. The only rules are these:

The Challenge will run throughout 2011, but feel free to already sign up.

1. You should have a minimum of 3 themes/3 levels, so a minimum of 6 books. You decide how many levels above that you want to go. Feel free to have more than one topic per level.

2. For themes that require more than one book (so all except the first one) you need to read at least one each of fiction and non-fiction.

You can combine this challenge with any others you’re participating in.

Theme #1: The Smithsonian

Theme #1: Discovery

Theme #1: Mythology

Occasionally Important Information:

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