My wonderful husband Jaime…

Monday, January 31, 2011 - Me
My wonderful husband Jaime…

Jaime does random wonderful things for me.

Like cooking brunch today.  The bacon and eggs were delicious!!

Or telling me that he wanted me to go shopping earlier.  With gift cards, of course, but still!

Then, when I got home, he told me how much he missed me while I was gone.  :-)

He tells me that he loves me all the time.
He also reminds me to be careful while driving because he doesn’t want anything bad to happen to me.

He calls me his Lishy-wife.  :-D

Jaime and Alysha

Jaime and Alysha

He makes me smile and laugh and giggle all the time because he’s the most wonderful husband ever!

Jaime Paul, in case you weren’t already aware, I love you more than anything!

I’m so glad that we got married.  Hearing you say “I do” meant everything to me.  Especially since you didn’t stumble or say anything else!  :-p

Occasionally Important Information:

Happy Thanksgiving!

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