Reviews are coming!

Saturday, March 26, 2011 - Me
Reviews are coming!

They are, I promise!

I just posted one up yesterday that I thought I had scheduled but apparently had just saved as a draft. (Sorry about that!)

CTRL-Z (If only it worked for everything...)

CTRL-Z (If only it worked for everything...)

Anyways, the upcoming reviews will be shorter than the previous ones. I think that’s part of what backlogged me so badly. I knew that it would take a while to write each review so I kept postponing the writing until I had way too many to write…

So, I’m cutting out the literary merit, plot, and characters sections completely. I’m going to sort of combine the personal enjoyment section with the conclusion to a certain extent. After all, in the conclusion I typically said whether or not i enjoyed the book, anyway. ;-)

I’m still going to do my “very worst” and “very best” statements because I like them. So there! :-p

Also, I’ve got some books to add to my “Books I’ve read…” list. A few I just forgot to put on the list and some I’ve read since I made the list. (These are not in order read.)

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