My grandmother…

Sunday, May 15, 2011 - Family
My grandmother…

Momo, my grandmother, is currently in the hospital.  She has cancer in her lungs and her lung during surgery to remove the cancer so it wasn’t all removed.

However, don’t you dare feel sorry for Momo.  It’s the last thing she would want and she doesn’t need anyone’s pity.  My Momo is one of the most amazing people I know and she’s put up with a lot in her life.  You would think that the God she believes in would stop testing her faith, but she sees it as something natural, I guess.  We don’t exactly have the same beliefs on God, but I’m not ready or willing to disappoint her with that discussion.

Five years ago Friday (May 13, 2011), my grandfather Honey passed away due to a combination of lung cancer and Alzheimer’s.  Friday morning my grandmother got to the hospital for 5a to get prepped and ready for her surgery.  Even without her surgery, it wouldn’t have been an easy day, but it was even more difficult on that day.

After my wedding...

Momo is third from the left in this picture taken after my wedding less than six months ago

Momo is 77 years old.  Don’t waste your time telling her you would never have known she was that old because she already knows it.  Momo has never acted her age or seemed like an old woman in the 27 years I have known her.  Don’t waste your time telling her that you pity her or think that she doesn’t deserve all her troubles.  Not to say that she does deserve her troubles, but she believes in God and believes that He knows best.

Right now, my Momo cannot get up and move around without help.  For my independent grandmother, this is annoying, to say the least.  But she has faith that she’ll be fine.

I have faith in her that she’ll pull through it because she’s my grandmother and nothing can beat her!  She will be just fine and be around for many, many more years.  She will be able to play with my babies when Jaime and I have them, and probably even my grandbabies because she’s not going anywhere any time soon!  :-D

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