Saturday, May 21, 2011 - Site Plans

… a new twitter plug-in. I’m hoping “Simple Twitter Status Updates” works better than “Auto Twitter” which uses the URL shortener. Stupid here (ie: me) didn’t bother to follow any of the links to realize that they go through a redirect with some ads. Sorry about that. Hopefully we won’t have any problems with the new one as it uses the shortener and I don’t think I’ve ever seen problems with that. :-D

Update: Haha!  It works!  And even better, it posts just the shortlink with my main URL so that you know exactly where you’re going!  Whohoo!  Also, I forgot to disable the other one that I just deleted!!  :-p

Update: Testing another new plugin since STSU couldn’t handle scheduled posts… WP to Twitter is supposed to be better overall and hopefully will actually post my scheduled posts to twitter like it should – especially since almost ALL of my posts are scheduled.  So, TEST!!

Occasionally Important Information:

Some site organization...
New Theme

2 thoughts on “Testing…

Alysha DeShaé

And, comment test! Since the “new post” and “update post” worked so well! :-p

Alysha DeShaé

One more comment test… The tests may have been too close together based on my settings. Whoops! :-D


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