Some site organization…

Wednesday, June 01, 2011 - Site Plans
Some site organization…

I just spent a few hours trying to organize things behind the scenes about.  I’ve noticed that I have an insane number of tags because I have a bad habit of tagging just about every minor detail in certain posts.  For example, my playlist and CD posts – I would tag every singer or band listed.  It seems kind of stupid, in retrospect.

Well, I’ve fixed that.  I’ve also fixed the “tagging book titles in reviews” problem, too.  For most of my book reviews, the titles are in the post title.  For the few that aren’t (reviews from last year when I was doing more than one book per post), well the titles are listed plainly within the text of the review and will show up easily in a search.

In spite of the fact that the authors are also listed (usually) in the post title, I’m still tagging them to make it easier to pull up lists of their books.  Assuming, of course, that I’ve read and reviewed more than one from that particular author.  :-D

Maxine on Organizing

Maxine on Organizing

I’ve also fixed a minor problem between the “music” tag and category.  Apparently, if you use the same word for a tag and a category, they pull some characteristics from each other.  Like capitalization.  It bugged me, so I got rid of the “music” tag and left the category.  I also got rid of the “video” category because the majority of them were for music videos.  I tossed them into the “music” category and added a “music video” tag.

I’ve still got a bit of work to do with some of the tags associated with book reviews.  I’m thinking that I don’t need the “ebook” and “book” tags.  I’m not sure about the “review” tag, but I’ll probably toss that one out, too.  I know that a few times I mistyped the challenge title when tagging it on posts, and even after you fix it, the wrong tag sticks around in the background and bugs the snot out of me…

Anyways, this was just to let my readers (you know, all two of you!) know what’s going on.  I’m sure no one has anything other than the main page or (maybe) the reading challenges page bookmarked, but in case you do this is why it’s broken.  :-D

PS: I’m not going to finish the clean-up, yet.  I have some laundry to do or Jaime and I won’t have clean sheets to sleep on!  :-p

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