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Wednesday, June 01, 2011 - Site Plans, WebApp
Technorati…  59X7GR3J4X82


Well, in trying to get a new plugin working (hopefully it will) I’m posting this simply to give them the new post that they need with the “claim token” code.  Weird, right?  Eh, whatever.  I’m sure that claiming my blog through their site will get me some viewers at least.  Isn’t that what the site is all about?  I don’t know, whatever.



My Claim Token:


Update: Their lame site is telling me that it can’t find the token.  O_o  I don’t get it either, so I’m sticking it in the title and at the very top of the post as well.  Maybe then their blind-as-a-bat software can find it.

Occasionally Important Information:

GooglePlus but no book reviews?
Some site organization...

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