Kitty Pages

Wednesday, June 08, 2011 - Family, Feline Features, Me
Kitty Pages

Alright, most people know how important my cats are to me.  If you don’t, well…  You don’t know me.

The other day, I was adding a few tags to pictures I had uploaded to Facebook of my cats and noticed that Facebook Pages were in the list of taggable friends.  So, being the sane, rational, level-headed person that I am, it’s completely natural that the first thing I thought about was:

Creating a page for each of my cats so that I can tag them, of course!

And yes, I most certainly did create four separate pages.

Mostly, these pages will only be so that I can tag them in pictures and have them all in one place (I’m a little obsessive compulsive, in case you couldn’t tell.), but I may also decide to do the “feline features” that I abandoned after only one post.  In which case I’ll have them share their posts through their Facebook pages.  :-)


Left to right: Lissie, MidNite, Leeroy, Casper

Currently, all I’m going is going through my old pictures and tagging them, so their pages go directly to a photo tab of their page.  You can see (probably too many) pictures of each cat by clicking on their pages above.  Just remember to like them!  Each time someone likes my cats, they get fed.  If nobody likes them, they starve!  O_o

Okay, that was a lame joke and hopefully it was obvious.  I most certainly will not be starving my babies in a pathetic attempt to get likes.  But still, go like my kitties.  They’re narcissistic bastards and they want their egos stroked.  :-D

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