Litter Comparison: Tidy Cats -vs- Special Kitty

Tuesday, July 05, 2011 - Consumerism, Feline Features
Litter Comparison: Tidy Cats -vs- Special Kitty

As I’m sure you know if you have been on my site before, or checked out my facebook or twitter, my husband and I have four cats.  This means we use a good bit of litter.  I’m not really picky when it comes to litter and neither are our cats, but we have tried several different types over the years.

Recently, when I was at Wal-Mart, I saw five things of the Tidy Cats Premium Scoop Power Blend for Multiple Cats Cat Litter.  (That’s a big title for some litter, right?)  For some reason, these 27 pound containers were on clearance for $6 each instead of their usual $13; naturally, I picked up all five!

Clearance Litter

Clearance Litter

Now, I don’t know why the litter was on clearance, but it was $1 cheaper than the 28 pound Special Kitty Superior Clumping Formula for Multiple Cats that I normally get.  Supposedly, the Tidy Cats brand is better, too.  However, I’m not likely to buy the Tidy Cats litter again.  Not that we’ll need litter for a good while, but still!

Tidy Cats

Tidy Cats

The Special Kitty brand is Wal-Mart brand litter. It’s what I usually buy and my cats like it. Plus, it’s only $7 for a 28 pound box! The Tidy Cats litter is supposed to be fantastic, and maybe some of them are.  In all honesty, though, while the Tidy Cats litter is good, it isn’t better than the Special Kitty.  And it certainly doesn’t justify the price!  If the Special Kitty litter is $7 and the brand name $13 with one pound less in the box, then you better be damn good!  I better not smell a single bad odor, your clumps better stay together, and I damn well better not have any tracking issues!  Unfortunately, the Tidy Cats brand just wasn’t quite up to the job.


Yes, it kept odors down and you don’t really smell anything until you actually scoop the litter box, but I think it’s scented because while I don’t smell much poop, I do smell a perfume-like scent which is kind of weird.  The perfume smell isn’t too much of a problem for me, but Special Kitty keeps odors down without any perfume smells.  In fact, the first time my husband and I tried the Special Kitty brand, we forgot to change the litter for almost a week because we couldn’t smell anything at all and thought it was being changed by the other person!  (Sorry, babies!)


Both brands seem to clump really well.  I think the Tidy Cats dries a little faster than the Special Kitty, but unless you’re using an automatic litter box, I can’t see it being a real advantage.  The clumps tend to stay together unless you actually put the scooper right through a clump, but that just means you need to scoop from the sides to the middle.  Leeroy likes to urinate in the corner of the litter box which gives you an awkward stuck-to-the-wall clump with both litters.  I find that the Special Kitty comes out of the corner and off the wall slightly easier than the Tidy Cats.


With all litter, you will get some tracking problems.  With our cats, the litter seems to accumulate most on and in the couch.  (Luckily we’re never in the living room to use it!)  The Special Kitty tracks very little, especially since we bought a litter mat, and there was seldom any litter stuck to the cats feet or in their fur.  But the Tidy Cats makes me want to pull my hair out and cry.  Casper, our furriest cat, always has litter stuck to him somewhere and all of the cats have it stuck to their feet.  So much litter is tracked out that the mat is covered and cannot do it’s job so the litter ends up tracked to other parts of the house, especially their couch.  (Yes, the couch belongs to the cats.)

Litter Mat

Litter Mat

Special Kitty is the Winner!

Yes, obviously, the Special Kitty wins!  In every instance.  It’s $7 for 28 pounds and I rounded up a few cents.  It does a great job of keeping down odors as long as you change the litter box like you’re supposed to do.  You will smell poop if you leave it sitting for a month.  It clumps like a champ and tracking is minimal, even without a litter mat.  If you have cats, quit spending $13 for brand name junk and give Special Kitty a try!

Special Kitty

Special Kitty

Also, I have tried litter like Fresh Step, other Tidy Cats formulas, special “no tracking” litters, and litters that I can’t even remember.  Out of all of them, though, Special Kitty Superior Clumping Formula for Multiple Cats remains the best.  I cannot actually comment on their other formulas because I haven’t tried them, but look for the green box at your Wal-Mart and pick it up.  Even if you or your cat end up not liking it, it’s only $7 which isn’t much.

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3 thoughts on “Litter Comparison: Tidy Cats -vs- Special Kitty

Gerald D. Burks

Your Special Kitty Cat Litter has proven to create less DUST than any other brand we have tried. That alone has sold us on your product. Other brands have caused a mess on everything in the area of our litter boxes, and the dust also aggravates my wife’s alergies. I only wish it was packaged in a more convenient container to pour out into the litter boxes.

    Alysha DeShaé


    I agree that the Special Kitty is less dusty, too. One of the things I remember most about the Tidy Cats litter is how dusty it is! I used to sneeze (unless I held my breath) whenever I poured the litter.

    I also agree that the packaging for the Special Kitty is less than ideal, but occasionally we buy other brands of litter (either to test them out or because the store is out of Special Kitty) and they’re usually in the plastic bins like the picture I included of the Tidy Cats litter and we always save those bins. Jaime uses them for all sorts of things (changing oil, moving around tools, car washing bucket, etc.), I ran one through our dishwasher and use it to store the cats’ food, and another is used to hold the Special Kitty litter to make my life easier.

    And while I wish Special Kitty was my product, it’s not. I don’t make a dime off this comparison review… Maybe I need to call up WalMart and tell them to start paying me for recommending their litter! :-p

    Thank you for the comment and your own thoughts on the litter.


Hi I live in Ontario Canada and just tried the Special Kitty light litter. Biggest mistake I ever made. Does not clump, does not control odor no matter what it said on the package. Trying to scoop it is useless. I had to go buy regular kitty litter to redo the litter boxes. Plus the cats didnt even like it at first. I had to keep putting them into their litter boxes. Will never buy it again and I cant find a number or email address to complain. Seriously disappointed


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