Spam Hate-Comments

Thursday, July 07, 2011 - Meaningless
Spam Hate-Comments

Okay, this is just awesome!  In my spam comments, which I always skim through in case something got sorted in by mistake, I found this on a recipe for tortilla soup.

Spam Hate

Spam Hate - click to enlarge

Apparently, that recipe is so unbelievable that I’m living in a dream world and deserve to get cancer and then kill myself.  And that I’ll be going to yearly counseling sessions to learn how to commit suicide?  O_o

Yeah, yeah, I know spam isn’t supposed to make sense.  It’s just supposed to get through the filters to get their links out to the world, but I’m soooooo confused!

I clicked on their link because I was curious.  What can possibly be advertised by telling someone to kill oneself?

Fake Support Forum

Fake Support Forum

Yep, a support forum.  Sort of.  I’m convinced that it’s fake considering the main page is split into three sections:

And in all three sections, you’re bombarded with spam posts of drug advertisements…  Yeah.

Thanks, Support Forum, for telling me to off myself and then posting links for drugs!

I know this post was out of the blue, but that comment really leaped out at me!  And I did like the “Yes, Virginia” reference at the beginning.  :-p

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