GooglePlus but no book reviews?

Thursday, July 14, 2011 - Site Plans
GooglePlus but no book reviews?

I know.  I’ve been on top of my reviews for a while and the last week has been sketchy.  There won’t be one this morning, either, but I’ll have plenty ready to go starting tomorrow.

I’m slowly catching up, but I needed to take care of some behind the scenes updates and (finally) going through all the options in the theme to get it properly set up.  Honestly, though, there shouldn’t be too many visible changes because I was just trying to get rid of the child themes now that Suffusion offers an import/export option for settings.  It may have been offered before, but I never got a chance to check it out.

I also added a new plug-in that I’m going to check out later today.  I’m hoping that it’s as awesome as it looks!  *fingers crossed*

Now, I want you to take a look in the side bar, please.  Do you see that big plus sign next to the twitter bird?  That’s my GooglePlus link.  I’m perfectly willing to send out invitations to anyone who asks, just drop a comment below.  I’ll try to send out invitations at least once a day.  If you already have a GooglePlus account, go check out mine and maybe add me.  :-)

Oh, I almost forgot!  I don’t know when I’ll get a chance to scan the stuff, but some lame church sent my husband and I a bunch of junk and I’m planning to share it with you along with some new additions to my Jesus-propaganda collection.  Well, I say “collection” like I know where all the stuff is.  The “new additions” are the only parts of my collection that I can currently find.  :-(  I have a million dollar bill that basically tells me that God hates me but Jesus is a lawyer and a mini-brochure that claims to give the real purpose of the ten commandments.

You have something to look forward to, my friends!  :-D  Book reviews will start as usual tomorrow morning.  Promise!

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