The Frustrated Wife

Monday, July 25, 2011 - Me, Rant, Thoughts
The Frustrated Wife

As you all know (and if you didn’t, where have you been?!), I got married January 1, 2011.  I married the man of my dreams in a very simple ceremony in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.  We had a party/reception one week later in our home and then went back to our lives.  Not too much changed after getting married as we were already living together and sharing expenses.  My name changed, the way some people address me has changed, but he and I were still the same.  It was just the way I wanted it to be.  :-)

Fast forward seven months to July…  Jaime drops his clothes everywhere.  If they are “clean” and he plans to wear them again, he tells me to just leave them.  Okay, that’s fine.  Two or three days later, the clothes are still sitting there.  A week later, still there.  Two weeks later, I finally pick them up, wash them, possibly fold them and put them away.  The very next day he wears them.  O_o

New scenario…  I’m sitting at my computer typing up a book review and he bursts into my library.  “You need to do dishes.  You need to get off the computer and stop posting those stupid reviews and do the damn dishes!  And the clothes need to be washed, too.”  What?  I’m in the middle of something here Mr. World of Warcraft!  Back off and let me finish my hobby, then I’ll get to all the dishes that you dirtied and the four loads of clothes that you dirtied in two days.

Pulling My Hair Out

Pulling My Hair Out

New scenario…  I’m in the tub reading and he walks in to berate me for spending all my time reading instead of being productive.  “How long have you been in the tub?  Are you ever going to get out?  You haven’t cleaned the house in a week!”  Heh?  We have four cats and he constantly tracks dirt in.  In order to actually keep the house eat-off-the-floor clean, I would have to be scrubbing night and day!  I can sweep, mom, vacuum, and do all the other fun stuff to clean the house, but after a day few hours you would never know it had been cleaned.

New scenario…  I’m asking if he wants me to fix something for dinner.  “No, I already ate because you never cook.  What’s the point of having a kitchen if you’re not ever going to use it?  You fail as a wife.  You don’t cook; you don’t clean; you don’t do dishes; you don’t do laundry.  You don’t even do anything outside.”  Damn straight I don’t do anything outside – that’s the man’s department!

I know what you’re thinking.  “Alysha, if it’s that bad, why not just leave him?”

Well, it’s not that bad.  Those scenarios don’t show everything he does around the house and for me.  Saturday, when I got home from work after a very long day, he had a bath of hot water waiting for me in a warm bathroom.  In a bathtub he had cleaned to sparkling white with a new stopper installed that actually works.  Right now I’m sitting in my library typing this behind a door that latches upon closing because he fixed the sagging door.  In the hall bathroom is a new shower head and shiny white tub.  Outside is a freshly mowed lawn.  In our bedroom is a new small window unit that he got to turn the hottest room of the house into the coldest and to keep us nice and cool during hurricane season if we lose power.

Jaime is constantly doing all kinds of wonderful little things for me that I don’t always share with the world.  I do, unfortunately, complain about random things to people.  I don’t list off every nice thing he does, because then I get the bored “when is she going to stop talking about how wonderful her life is” looks.  No one wants to listen to someone talk about all the good things in their life.  Well, not the everyday good things.  Sure, they want to hear a little something like “we’re pregnant” so that they can go tell their significant other that they’re not doing everything they could be doing to be perfect, but to sit down and listen to another person say, “my husband draws me baths; he rubs my back; he keeps the outside of the house perfect; he tells me he loves me several times a day; he sneaks up on me to kiss me and make me smile; he lets me have a room in the house all to myself and my books…”  Yeah, no one wants to hear all that.  They get jealous and annoyed.  After all, if your husband is that perfect, you have nothing to complain about.

My husband is perfect for me – not for anyone else.  And he does have his bad moments and weird habits that drive me crazy.  But when it comes down to the bottom line: he loves, protects, and cares for me and that’s all that matters.  So even if I want to shoot him sometimes for his oddities, I won’t because he is my life.  And he’s all I want.

So keep this in mind the next time I complain about something he does.  He drives me insane, but he’s worth it!

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