The Squirt Bottle

Tuesday, August 02, 2011 - Feline Features
The Squirt Bottle

My mom has totally lost her mind.  Yesterday she went shopping and came home with some new stuff.  First, she put this new blanket thing on the big bed in the living room.  Then, she said we weren’t allowed to sit or sleep on it.  As if, that bed is mine and she can’t stop me from napping on the top bunk after I kick Casper off.  She also had two squirt bottles.  She put water in one of them and then had the audacity to spray me with it!  All I was doing was chilling on the counter trying to see what else she bought and she sprayed me!  What is wrong with her?!  Then, on top of that, the other squirt bottle has some smelly stuff in it.  She put it all over the bed and told dad, “I hope this works.  I’m really tired of Leeroy peeing on the couch.”  I don’t know what a couch is, but that bed is mine and so what if I pee on it!

Oh yeah, I forgot…  Sunday evening they got really mad when I peed in my bed.  They apparently wanted to watch a Harry Potter movie and I’m down for that, but when mommy got on my bed she freaked out.  She even took a picture of Casper in my spot and after she felt my pee she sent the picture to her internet stuff and blamed it on him.  I thought I had gotten away with it, but I guess not.  When she told daddy what happened, he picked me up, put my nose in it, and popped me on the butt.  It hurt, too!  So I guess maybe they think this will stop me from peeing on my bed.

I guess it might work.  When she sprays the smelly stuff on my bed, it stinks so bad that I can’t go anywhere near it, but I’ll figure something out.

Anyways, she keeps calling this discipline.  What is discipline?  Is that what it’s called when mommy loses her mind?  Because she’s definitely crazy!  She even sprayed my favorite nap area with the smelly stuff.  I can’t sleep on top of the cliff and watch her clean my food bowls anymore because it stinks so much.

Spray Bottle

Spray Bottle

And she keeps spraying me for all kinds of things!  When I was telling Casper that I was the boss and he had to be my slave, she sprayed me.  When I tried to hold my breath and take a quick power nap on my bed with the new blanket, she sprayed me!  When I was trying to decide if I wanted to eat some of the pig meat she cooked for my lunch, she sprayed me again!  I fell off the counter because of that stupid squirt bottle!  She has seriously lost her mind and I’m not happy about it one bit.  Someone needs to have a talk with her before I start eating that stupid bottle so she can’t spray me anymore!

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