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Wednesday, October 26, 2011 - Feline Features

Admit it, I aroused your curiosity with the title.  You know I did.  ^_^

Anyways, we all know my four cats, right?  Casper, Leeroy Jenkins, Lissie, and MidNite.  Well, MidNite is living with his grandparents now because Jaime blamed all the urinating problems on him.  For a short period of time after he left, I thought maybe Jaime was right.

Until this past Monday…

I’ve been really tired lately.  Downright exhausted, fact.  So when I got home around 5p Monday after a long day at work, I was ready to hit the hay.  Knowing that I was off Tuesday, I wasn’t concerned about screwing up my sleep schedule with a nap before bedtime.  As I walked in the door, I noticed that the couch cushions are missing.

Jaime comes out of his room to tell me that a cat pooped on the center cushion and peed on the right cushion.  He pulled them all off so they could all be washed, though.  Luckily, after the previous issues with the cats peeing on the couch, I had put the cushions in garbage bags before putting the cushion covers back on the cushions.  It helped a bit with Jaime’s clean-up because I literally stared at the couch like a lobotomy patient.

Jaime convinced me to get back in my car and drive to Wal-Mart to pick up some cat repellant for the couch and some pork chops for dinner.  Wal-Mart apparently got rid of or changed the packaging/bottle of the stuff we bought before, so I had to read through a bunch of almost identical bottles of animal sprays to find the right one.  I dozed off while reading one of the bottles.  I also dozed off at the check out.

When I got home, I finally shuffled off to my library to nap on the mattress that has taken up residence near my bookcases.  I laid down and got under the covers after pulling up “Futurama” on netflix – I had to drown out the noise coming from Jaime’s computer.  I must have been laying down for about five minutes before realizing that my legs were cold.  My first thought was that I hadn’t gotten under the covers.  Nope.  I was covered.  But my legs were also damp.  Damn.  I was laying in cat pee.

Do you need proof of how tired I was?  Even if you didn’t, here it is:  I was too tired to get up from the mattress.  I curled up into the fetal position to get my legs out of the pee and passed out.

How long I slept for, I don’t know.  What I do know is that sometime later Jaime brought me a plate of dinner.  I tried to ask him if the cushion covers were finished in the washing machine, but I must have been speaking gibberish because I had to ask several times before he understood me.  I put down my dinner, stripped the mattress, threw the bedding into the washing machine, sprayed down the mattress, and flipped it over.  Then I grabbed a pee-free blanket and my dinner and ate while in a stupor.

I passed out again after eating dinner.  Jaime woke me up around 10p or so to ask if I was coming to bed.  Naturally, I said yes.  I was curled up on the bottom side of a mattress with only one blanket and I was freezing!  I stumbled to the bed with my pillow and hear Jaime ask if I smell something strange.  I vaguely recall him asking me why Leeroy was in our room, earlier, but I didn’t smell anything and told him so.  I half-remember falling into bed and happily losing consciousness, but in my dreams he gathered up the dirty clothes that had also been peed on.

I woke up Tuesday to discover that none of it was a dream, the cats really had peed in three different rooms, on a mattress, and on the couch, and that we didn’t know why.

The litter was clean, it wasn’t a new type, and there have been no recent changes that I’m aware of.  As far as I can tell, this was my punishment for locking them out of my library the other night.  Damn cats.

I love my babies in spite of the craziness…  ^_^

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