Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 31, 2011 - Meaningless
Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, people!  How’s your day?

You haven’t heard much from me lately other than some iffy book reviews…  (Don’t blame me!  It’s not really possible to write a decent review of a terrible book.)

Anyways, enjoy this picture:



Isn’t it cute?!  It’s a kitty carved into a pumpkin!

We all know how much I love kitties!

So, who’s going trick-or-treating?

I considered it, but then realized that I’m too old and don’t have children to force into humiliating costumes so I can eat their candy.  *sigh*  If only I had kids…  Or could steal someone else’s children for a night.

Curse my moral standards that prevent the kidnap of any children but my niece and nephew!

Ugh…  *yawn*

I’m rambling…  I’m tired and getting read to go to sleep.  This post, like most, is a scheduled post, so I’m actually typing this on Sunday around 11p.

Good night!

That is valid both as I’m typing and as this is posted.  I’m so awesome!  :-p

Psst…  The above is what happens when Lishy is emotionally and mentally (but not physically) exhausted.  Just an FYI in case you were curious.


Watch this video.  O_O

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