No reviews tomorrow, either…

Tuesday, November 01, 2011 - Family, Me, Music
No reviews tomorrow, either…

Sorry this is late. I babysat for my sister after work and couldn’t find a working/charged/accessible computer at her place.

But, I promised this post would be up today, so it will be up before the day is done! ^_^

So… “What have I been up to,” I ask myself.

“Not too much,” I answer.

Hahaha! Okay, I’m not going to do a pretend dialogue with myself. Well, not today, anyway. :-p

Chunk and Minou

Chunk and Minou

Chunk (my nephew Chase) has a new best friend. I realize the picture is crappy, I took it with my phone, but that little cat followed him around waiting to be picked up by her whiskers, her back legs, and her tail. I was in shock that she didn’t attack when that happened (and I fussed at him each time) but she pretty much launched herself at him and into his hands. It was precious. :-) Also, that’s the only picture I took while babysitting. :-( My phone sucks as a camera, obviously, and I was having too much fun falling off the hammock and playing with my kiddos to try to get a decent shot. Oh, and yes, he’s wearing his sister’s jacket. :-p

I haven’t been doing too much besides reading and watching stuff on netflix while I compute. On netflix, though, I’ve recently watched every episode they have of Futurama, South Park, Pair of Kings, and JONAS. I’ve started, but not yet finished, Ancient Aliens and Family Guy.

Also- Don’t judge me!

I’m just kidding, judge away! I don’t care what you think of my netflix choices. ^_^ Those are just the television shows. I’ve also watched a few movies, but I’m too lazy to look up any of the titles except for the two I can remember off the top of my head: “Dragon Hunters: and “The Secret of Kells”. Both of which I really enjoyed and recommend.

As for books, check out my goodreads: I try to keep the “currently reading” shelf mostly up to date. At this exact moment in time, it is not, but it will be before I go to bed.

Music, though, this will be fun! Jaime recently introduced me to a band called Pop Evil and a song called “Monster You Made” and I love it! Check it out:

I haven’t actually checked out the video other than to find the link/embed code and listen to it while typing stuff to make sure it was the actual song. It sounds fine, though, and I hope it’s not too inappropriate or tacky. :-)

I’ve also been really loving almost everything I’ve heard from Mitchel Musso, specifically “Open the Door” shown here:

By the way, without sounding too creepy, can we say that he is now officially hot? Also, I love the goofy dancing jumping stuff he does in this video. Adorable! ^_^ That video is on his youtube channel, so check out his other songs. :-)

One more thing… HOBO SHOES FOR THE WIN!! Aaaahahaha! You can’t tell me those shoes he’s wearing in the video don’t look like they would fit right in with a hobo costume!

Oh, and heyhihello has yet to leave my playlist since I discovered them months ago!

That’s the first song of just them that I heard. I first learned about them through this awesome Wrock (Wizard Rock for the muggles out there) song:

They’re all just adorable! And I’ve yet to come across a song of their’s that I dislike. :-D Jaime has informed me that they sound like a band/artist called Owl City. I had never heard of them/him before, until I realized that I had sort of come across this apparently very popular song:

I love that song! :-D

So… Now that I’ve overloaded your browser with some very pop-ish music videos, let’s add in one more of a song that I adore even if the video isn’t quite my style:

I really love Manson’s songs, but his videos usually disgust me…

Well, I’ve covered books, netflix, and music. Any other questions? Hit me up in the comments or in the formspring box in the sidebar! Also, please don’t hate me for the videos! :-p It’s the best way to share music, in my opinion!

Occasionally Important Information:

Happy birthday, Mom!
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