“The Carnivorous Carnival” by Lemony Snicket

Thursday, November 03, 2011 - Book Reading
“The Carnivorous Carnival” by Lemony Snicket

Back of the Book:

Everybody loves a carnival! Who can fail to delight in the colourful people, the unworldly spectacle, the fabulous freaks?

A carnival is a place for good family fun — as long as one has a family, that is. For the Baudelaire orphans, their time at the carnival turns out to be yet another episode in a now unbearable series of unfortunate events. In fact, in this appalling ninth instalment in Lemony Snicket’s serial, the siblings must confront a terrible lie, a caravan, and Chabo the wolf baby. With millions of readers worldwide, and the Baudelaires’ fate turning from unpleasant to unseemly, it is clear that Lemony Snicket has taken nearly all the fun out of children’s books.

Nicholas Karpuk’s Review on

One nice thing about the tone of the series is that I really don’t know what will happen in book ten. When you set everything up with a generally tragic tone, it pulls away the safety net of every book ending on a positive concluding note. The last several books have ended with things worse than before rather than merely breaking even.

It has a lot of pull for a series that keeps insisting I not read it. (read the entire review here)

Pages: 286

Published: 2002-10-17

Format Read: ebook

[xrr rating=2.0/5]

The very worst thing about this book is the “unpredictable” predictability. Once you get used to how Handler handles his unpredictable plot-twists, you start to predict them with ease. I suppose for children it would be a little more difficult, but that fact certainly didn’t help while I was reading these books.

The very best thing about this book is… Ummm… Have I mentioned that I love the alliteration in the titles? That’s one of the things that drew me to the books, originally.


This book will be placed under the 2011 E-Book Reading Challenge, the 2011 Fantasy Reading Challenge, and the Full Steampunk Ahead.

Occasionally Important Information:

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