Penis Not Allowed

Friday, November 04, 2011 - Meaningless
Penis Not Allowed

So, I watched a movie on netflix a little earlier.  It was an adorable movie called “A Monkey’s Tale” and I highly recommend it!

However, when I went to rate/review on netflix, I mentioned that you get to see a cartoon monkey penis.  Apparently, “penis” isn’t acceptable on netflix.  They’ll show one, but you can’t talk about it.

Penis Not Allowed

Penis Not Allowed

Naturally, my next course of action was to replace the word “penis” with other ascii characters to get the point across.  I decided that it was necessary to explain why I did so by saying that netflix censors things.

Netlix Not Allowed

Netlix Not Allowed

I then received a notification that the word “netflix” couldn’t be used.  I won’t lie, I laughed way too hard at that.  I can understand, to some extent,  why they censor their site name.  They don’t want you to review only the streaming/viewing quality of a movie.  They want you to review the movie, not their service.

For those that might be curious, my short review of the movie as it will appear on netflix if it makes it through their moderators:

Aside from the monkey ƿëñíş, I really enjoyed this movie!  I’m assuming that because it’s a monkey it doesn’t count as nudity, but you see a cartoon monkey ƿëñíş shortly after his fall from the treetops.  And apparently this site censors the word “ƿëñíş” which is why I used such goofy characters to form the word.  There is nothing inappropriate about the word and they showed one in the movie, so why can I not use the scientific terminology for male genitalia?

I think my favorite part of the movie, though, was when he asks “How do you know which monkeys are superior?”

To which the response was, “You know based on how high up they live.”

“Oh, so we’re superior to you because we live at the very tops of the trees?”

“Uh, no.”

Also, those aren’t exact quotes, but that’s essentially what was said.  I had to pause the movie I was laughing so hard!

I really did like the movie.  It’s a French movie, which would account for certain phrasing to US viewers, but the story is great, the animation is on par with more popular movies – if that’s what you’re worried about, and it’s got an underlying message that those with upstanding morals can support!  (Doesn’t that just sound pretentious?)

It’s a good movie, plain and simple.  If I can buy it as a DVD, I will.

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