I feel sick…

Tuesday, November 15, 2011 - Me
I feel sick…

I hate feeling sick.  It’s just allergies, but it affects everything.  Well, I think it’s just allergies.  I’m allergic to dogs, apparently, and I was at my grandmother’s Saturday and again yesterday and she has an indoor dog.  I started feeling funky Saturday evening – headache, runny nose, that sort of thing.  Today is just awful, though.  I can’t breathe through my nose, my ears ache, my head is throbbing, and my eyes hurt.

On top of all that, my “i” key on the keyboard keeps sticking!  It’s amazing how many words need the letter “i” and I would like to extend my thanks to Mozilla Firefox for alerting me to their absence each time.

Anyways, because of how I feel, I didn’t get out of bed until a few minutes ago.  I will get a review up a little later.  Hopefully after my medicine kicks in it won’t hurt so much to look at the screen.

I feel sick...

I feel sick...

I’m going to lay back down, actually, until it kicks in.

Oh, and sorry for completely bailing on reviews yesterday.  I went to my mom’s nice and early to watch kids while she ran to get some blood work done.  I was planning to do a review while the kids were playing and her internet wouldn’t connect.  Her router sucks and she keeps it locked in a cabinet that blocks the signal almost completely!  I know, I know…

So I wasn’t able to do any reviews at mom’s house and then I spent the entire day with my grandmother.  I got a few books from the goodwill store and an awesome wax-warmer with two scents from Wal-Mart!  Thank you, Momo!  I also got her new cable box hooked up and working through an HDMI cable even though, by the time I had to leave, her HD channels still weren’t coming in.

So, back to me laying down until the medicine kicks in?  I’m going now.

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